’Historic day for women’ as abortion officially decriminalised in South Australia

Abortion advocates have welcomed the passage of laws to decriminalise the procedure in South Australia.


South Australia is the latest Australian jurisdiction to formally decriminalise abortion, after the state's upper house ticked off new laws.

The passage of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill on Tuesday came after the lower house in February passed the legislation 29 votes to 15.

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Abortion decriminalisation bill passes Lower House after heated debate in SA Parliament

By Natarsha Kallios
Feb 18, 2021

A historic bill to decriminalise abortion in South Australia has passed the State Parliament's Lower House, following a heated and lengthy debate.

Members of Parliament were granted a conscience vote on the bill, which moves abortion from the Criminal Law Consolidation Act and into healthcare legislation.

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Abortion decriminalisation bill debated in SA Parliament after weeks of community discussion

By Mahalia Carter
Feb 15, 2021

Debate has begun in South Australia's Lower House on proposed reforms to abortion laws, after legislation passed through the Upper House last year.

The Termination of Pregnancy Bill aims to shift abortion out of the criminal code and into healthcare legislation.

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Protesting outside SA abortion clinics has been outlawed as new laws pass Parliament

Nov 11, 2020

Protesting outside South Australian abortion clinics has been outlawed after new laws passed the Upper House in State Parliament late last night.

The bill, which was passed about 10:00pm on Wednesday, makes it an offence to protest within 150 metres of an abortion clinic.

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Women who require late-term abortions are being demonised in Australia – again

As South Australia debates a bill to decriminalise abortion, the same misinformation is being peddled

Gina Rushton
Thu 29 Oct 2020

It wouldn’t be a debate about abortion without a flagrant misinformation campaign about terminations after the first trimester.

A bill to decriminalise abortion was this month introduced in South Australia, the last jurisdiction to do so, and opponents of the legislation have already set about claiming if passed it would legalise and in fact encourage “abortion up to birth”, an offensive but ultimately meaningless phrase. It has been the relentless catchphrase of anti-abortion lobbyists, religious leaders and conservative politicians in every single push to modernise abortion laws in this country but it is not uniquely Australian.

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LNP senator and Broncos chairman back Queensland anti-abortion campaign containing ‘baseless’ claims

Exclusive: claims made in campaign material by rightwing lobby group Cherish Life about abortion laws are labelled ‘disinformation’

Ben Smee
Fri 16 Oct 2020

The Liberal National party senator Gerard Rennick and the Brisbane Broncos chairman, Karl Morris, are among the financial backers of a prominent anti-abortion “disinformation” campaign targeting marginal seats ahead of the Queensland election.

Billboards, leaflets and advertisements authorised by the lobby group, Cherish Life, include provocative statements about Queensland’s abortion laws that have repeatedly been found to be baseless.

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Queensland election: LNP tries to keep anti-abortion push out of sight

Deb Frecklington seeks broad support in a state that backs abortion rights, but some LNP MPs and poll candidates are pressing for a more divisive approach

Ben Smee
Fri 16 Oct 2020

At a campaign stop this week, the Queensland opposition leader, Deb Frecklington, was asked about the Liberal National party’s policy to review the state’s abortion laws. She quickly changed the subject.

“I haven’t got the details of that yet, it’s not a priority,” Frecklington said.

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South Australia moves to modernise abortion laws in the state

by Madeline Hislop
Oct 15, 2020

The South Australian parliament is moving to reform abortion laws in the state, having introduced a bill that would remove outdated provisions in the current system.

The proposed legislation would remove abortion entirely from criminal law, treating it only as a health issue. It would bring South Australian abortion laws into line with the rest of Australia.

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Australia – ‘Devastating’: Rural women are struggling to access abortion services during the pandemic

The pandemic has reinforced existing barriers for rural and regional women when it comes to termination services. There are fears some women could take matters into their own hands and attempt unsafe abortions.

September 6, 2020


Dr Catriona Melville, Deputy Medical Director at Marie Stopes, has been flying
into rural towns to provide termination services since the pandemic began. 

She told The Feed that while abortion is an essential service, some patients in
Melbourne, who under lockdown, are in a precarious position with no abortion
clinics or specialists in their area.

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Australia – COVID-19 vaccine: Archbishop Anthony Fisher condemns Oxford vaccine

Australia’s most powerful Catholic Archbishop has penned a letter warning a COVID vaccine presents an “unacceptable ethical dilemma”.

Samantha Maiden
August 24, 2020

Australia’s most powerful Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher has sparked outrage after suggesting the COVID-19 vaccine could create an “ethical dilemma” for Catholics who may refuse to take it because it uses a cell line from an aborted foetus in the 1970s.

The Catholic leader has outlined his “disappointment” in correspondence with Prime Minister Scott Morrison that has sparked fears it could encourage Catholics to refuse to take the vaccine on religious grounds.

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