Brazilian Justice Accepts Father’s Request and Denies Abortion for Abused Teen

13-year-old teenager expressed desire to terminate pregnancy to the Tutelary Council

Isabella Menon, SÃO PAULO

A 13-year-old teenager living in Goiás had her legal abortion denied by the Goiás Court of Justice, after her father went to court and requested the prohibition of the procedure.

The young girl is already 28 weeks pregnant, making the procedure more difficult.

In testimony to the Tutelary Council in her area, she stated that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy when she was 18 weeks along. In messages sent to the council, she said that if she did not have access to the procedure, she would find a way to do it on her own.


New abortion bill in Brazil sparks backlash

Lise Alves – The Lancet
July 06, 2024

A bill that equates abortion after 22 weeks of gestation with homicide has led thousands of people to protest on the streets of Brazil's major cities. Many say that the legislation is an attack on women's rights, especially those who have been raped. “What is at stake is criminalising victims of sexual violence who terminate their pregnancy after 22 weeks”, said Vera Therezinha Medeiros Borges, a Professor at the College of Medicine at the State University of Sao Paulo.

On June 12, the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil approved speeding up discussions of Bill 1904/24, which would amend the country's penal code to establish harsher penalties for people who terminate their pregnancy after 22 weeks (from 1–3 years to 6–20 years in prison) and for doctors who conduct the procedure (from 1–4 years to 6–20 years in prison).


Brazilian politicians want criminal penalties for abortion

June 30, 2024
By Cassiane Saraiva, Nicole Luna

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL – In recent weeks, conservative efforts to punish women who get abortions – including child victims of rape –  as criminals has spurred demonstrations and discussion on social media. Unfortunately, abortion access is something that we, as a society, must fight to achieve.

Abortion in Brazil is allowed in cases when childbirth is a risk to life to the mother or in cases of rape or if the fetus has brain damage. The problem is that here in Brazil, the process to be able to receive the right to abort is extremely slow.


Rights Activists Protest In Rio As Congress Debates Abortion Bill

June 24, 2024
Video: 1:31 minutes

Hundreds of abortion rights activists protest on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro against a controversial bill under consideration in Congress that would equate abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy to homicide and impose up to 20 years in prison, including in cases of sexual abuse.


Brazil’s Conservative Legislative Branch Looks to Further Outlaw Abortion

New proposed law echoes other anti-abortion legislation in the region.

JUNE 21, 2024

Religiously inspired political leaders in Brazil have fast-tracked a regressive anti-abortion law in the South American country’s conservative controlled congress.

The law seeks to further criminalize abortions in Brazil, equating abortions after twenty-two weeks with homicide. This would apply in cases where the pregnant person was a victim of rape as well and could result in prison sentences of six to twenty years in prison. The proposed law is a rollback of decades-old protections in Brazil and would result in longer prison sentences than are currently given to people convicted of rape.


Brazilian rape victims who have abortions may face longer in jail than rapists

Proposed law would further limit access to abortion for the 75% of reported rape victims in Brazil who are under 18

Diana Cariboni
20 June 2024

Abortion is illegal in Brazil with only three exceptions: risk to the life of the pregnant person, fetus anencephaly (a condition in which parts of the fetus’ skull and brain don’t develop) and rape. In these cases, people can seek an abortion with no time limits.

But a new bill that Brazilian conservatives are attempting to push through seeks to declare all abortions performed after week 22 of the pregnancy as homicide – and punishable with prison terms of up to 20 years.


Brazilian women protest bill that would equate late abortions with homicide

The new law would equate the termination of a pregnancy after 22 weeks with homicide. Critics say it would especially hurt child rape victims, as their pregnancies tend to be detected later.

June 17, 2024
By The Associated Press

SÃO PAULO — Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of São Paulo on Saturday as protests sweep across Brazil in opposition to a bill that would further criminalize abortions. If passed, the law would equate the termination of a pregnancy after 22 weeks with homicide.

…To rally opposition, rights’ groups created the ‘A child is not a mother’ campaign that has flooded social media. Placards, stickers and banners emblazoned with the slogan have abounded during demonstrations. And viral visuals depicting women in red cloaks compare Brazil to Gilead, the theocratic patriarchy Margaret Atwood created in her dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


Brazil women march against bill tightening abortion ban

By Dani Morera Trettin and Amanda Perobelli
June 15, 2024

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Thousands of women protested on Saturday against a bill advancing in Brazil's conservative Congress that would equate abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy to homicide and establish sentences of six to 20 years in prison.

The demonstrators marched along Sao Paulo's main Paulista Avenue carrying banners rejecting the proposal, which they call the most repressive approach to women's reproductive rights in decades.

People of all ages, including many retirees and children, filled the streets chanting, "A child is not a mother, a rapist is not a father."


Protests across Brazil over divisive abortion law

June 14, 2024
By Malu Cursino, BBC News

Thousands of people in Brazil have protested against a proposed nationwide law change which would equate abortion to homicide, even in cases where a pregnancy is the result of rape.

It would mean women who terminate pregnancies after 22 weeks could be jailed for up to 20 years.  Brazil's ruling party opposes the move but conservatives in Congress are attempting to push the bill through.


Under Brazil’s Abortion Ban, ‘Lack of Information Kills’

Abortion stigma stemming from Brazilian law creates misinformation and delays in legal care, and retraumatizes survivors of sexual violence.

MAY 9, 2024

On Easter Day in 2023, a woman named Tatiana went to buy Easter eggs for her two daughters. It was something her husband used to do, but he had recently died. So she went herself, after a late shift at a hospital on the outskirts of São Paulo, where she works as a cleaner.

As she left the grocery store near her home, a man armed with a gun drove up and grabbed Tatiana. He threw her into his car and raped her, strangling her and leaving bruises all over her body.