‘We do it because it’s the right thing to do’

Abortion care remains difficult to access in Newfoundland and Labrador, but providers are coming up with creative solutions

JUNE 20, 2024

It was on a cold and blustery afternoon last month. About 60 reproductive justice activists gathered outside the Confederation Building in St. John’s to defend reproductive rights.

The May 17 event was organised as a counter-rally to the annual March For Life held by anti-choice activists. But the March for Life protestors didn’t show up this year.

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Access to abortion is not just a matter of health, it is a matter of basic human rights

Jun 16, 2024
by Jessica Gosselin, Valerie Jeanneret, Meghan Pritchard

How is it that women in the United States, a society that styled itself as the defender of the “free world” more than 50 years ago, are still fighting for basic human rights in 2024?

In the landmark decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court abandoned its duty to protect fundamental rights by overturning Roe v. Wade, ruling that there is no federal, constitutional right to abortion. In the nearly two years since, 21 states have banned abortion or restricted the procedure to earlier in pregnancies than the standard that had been set by Roe v. Wade that allowed abortion until the fetus became viable, or 24-28 weeks post-conception.

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I’m from the UK. Here’s why I chose to pay for my abortion abroad

I felt safer getting my abortion in a country that forthrightly enshrines abortion access in law.

10 June 2024

“Your boobs are huge,” my partner quipped from the hotel bed as I wiggled into my swimming costume. I laughed it off and jiggled them in his face before taking one last swim on our holiday in the Dominican Republic, trying to quiet that voice in the back of my head, whispering, “What if you are pregnant?”

Annoyingly, the lying, anxious voices were actually right this time. I was pregnant. The day after, we landed in Montreal, Canada, and took a test to discover that my gigantic boobs were, in fact, a harbinger of a pregnancy. The shock overwhelmed me; I spun between numbness, despair, confusing tinges of happiness for a child I’d never wanted, and anticipatory grief for what was to come.

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Canada – Trudeau government not planning to legislate further protection for abortion rights, health minister says

May 21, 2024
By Tonda MacCharles, Ottawa Bureau Chief

OTTAWA — Despite warning of looming threats to abortion rights in Canada, the Trudeau government does not plan to enshrine legislative protections of a woman’s right to choose to end an unwanted pregnancy, says Health Minister Mark Holland.

Although the 2021 Liberal platform promised regulations to ensure accessibility to “publicly available sexual and reproductive health services,” Holland said his priority is to work with the provinces, which are responsible for health care, so that abortion services are expanded.

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Trudeau cabinet minister tells her raw personal story in the House of Commons, on the same day two Conservative MPs attend anti-abortion rally

May 9, 2024

OTTAWA — Federal cabinet minister Soraya Martinez Ferrada was determined to put a human face — hers — on a political story that was fiercely argued in the abstract this week, inside and outside Parliament.

The tourism minister stood in the House of Commons during question period and told MPs she had an abortion at age 18, after she discovered she was pregnant shortly after arriving back in Chile — a country her parents had fled years earlier as political refugees of the Pinochet regime.

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Dr. Nikki Colodny’s journey from psychotherapy to civil disobedience

Dr. Nikki Colodny took part in the fight to ensure access to safe abortions in Canada in the 1980s. This is the story of how she became involved with the movement and eventually decided to violate Canada’s abortion law.

by Meghan Tibbits-Lamirande
May 7, 2024

At 8:45 a.m. on September 24, 1986, Toronto police knocked on the window of Dr. Nikki Colodny’s vehicle and placed her under arrest. Taking just a moment to pack her knitting and her Holly Near cassette tape, Dr. Colodny went quietly to the courthouse where she was charged, alongside her colleagues Dr. Henry Morgentaler and Dr. Robert Scott, for conspiracy to commit a miscarriage.

Originally trained as a psychotherapist and family physician, Colodny joined the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics (OCAC) as an “envelope licker” in the early 1980s, and eventually trained as an abortion provider at Henry Morgentaler’s clinic in Montreal. From 1986 until the landmark Supreme Court decision R v Morgentaler in January 1988, Colodny provided abortions in contravention of Canadian law.

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Canada – UBC student develops website to help Canadians choose the right type of abortion

Apr 29, 2024

Deciding to have an abortion is a deeply personal choice, and so is what comes next: determining the type of abortion that’s best for you. UBC PhD student Kate Wahl wants to help Canadians navigate that decision. She’s developed It’s My Choice, Canada’s first interactive website aimed at helping people identify the abortion option that best fits their values and circumstances.

Hosted by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), the tool integrates the best available evidence on the two methods of abortion available in Canada: the abortion pill and abortion procedure. Users learn what to expect from each option, and after completing a secure and anonymous questionnaire, receive a personalized recommendation designed to support conversations with their healthcare provider.

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Ipas DRC and Canada partner for sustainable access to reproductive health care in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Access to safe and legal abortion and contraception improves the health of women and girls and represents a fundamental human right. The ability to decide if and when to become pregnant is a symbol of reproductive justice and gender equality.

HABYGAELLE MUZIE, Communications Advisor
APRIL 15, 2024

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the publication of the Maputo Protocol in the official gazette has been followed by other milestones, such as the publication of a circular guaranteeing access to abortion care in line with the Protocol’s indications and the Ministry of Public Health’s adherence in 2020 to the evolving standards and directives relating to the application of the Protocol’s guidelines. All these actions made DRC the first country in French-speaking Africa to have implemented far-reaching changes promoting wider access to abortion care.

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Canada – ‘Our lord and saviour’: Saskatoon doctor allegedly tried to talk patient out of abortion for religious reasons

Rory MacLean
April 4, 2024

A Saskatoon doctor is facing disciplinary charges for allegedly counselling a patient against getting an abortion for moral and religious reasons. Dr. Terence Davids was charged with unprofessional conduct in relation to an incident around Dec. 14, 2023 at the Bridge City Mediclinic on 8th Street.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan says Davids was meeting with a patient for a preoperative assessment to terminate her pregnancy when he allegedly pleaded with her to reconsider, saying “I think you should reconsider” and “you will regret this and you can’t take it back.”

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Canada has announced free contraception for women. What’s the situation in Australia?

Reproductive experts and sexual health advocates are calling for a similar change in Australia.

1 April 2024
by Gavin Butler

The Canadian government announced on Saturday that it will soon cover the full cost of common contraceptives for women – including intrauterine devices (IUDs), contraceptive pills and hormonal implants – as part of a major health care reform.

Chrystia Freeland, Canada's deputy prime minister and Minister of Finance, highlighted the financial cost of contraceptives as one of the largest barriers to access, and said that the federal government's universal pharmacare plan would aim to lower that bar for more than nine million Canadian women, whether for reasons of family planning or medical treatment.

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