Spain’s far-right party Vox would abolish law allowing abortion

July 7, 2023

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's far-right party Vox proposed abolishing the current laws allowing abortion and euthanasia, according to its election manifesto published on Friday.

"We defend the right to life from conception to natural death," said the 169-page document, which was launched as the campaign began for Spain's snap election on July 23.


Spain’s new abortion law has difficult realities to address

How regional inequality, poor planning and conscientious objections have affected abortion rights in Castilla y León

Elena Ledda
9 June 2023

When Blanca* decided she wanted an abortion, she was told she'd have to travel almost three hours to find Spain’s nearest health centre with free provision. Out of desperation she ended up paying 400 euros at a private clinic, where she was offered only a local anaesthetic.

Her experience is just one example of the grim reality for women and pregnant people that a progressive new law is hoping to address.


A recent reform was meant to guarantee free abortion in all of Spain. Is it working?

By Natalie Donback 

Many Spanish women have had to go to private clinics to abort and pay upwards of hundreds of euros to do so. Spain recently passed a reform to improve the unequal access to abortion but enforcement has been poor in some autonomous communities and regional elections that could see a far-right party advance have stoked fears the new law could be all but shelved in some areas.

The reform which aims to improve access to abortion by making it mandatory for each of the country’s 17 autonomous communities to offer the procedure in public hospitals, including those with conservative and right-wing local governments, came into force in March.


Spain approves menstrual leave, teen abortion and trans laws

MARCH 1, 2023

MADRID —  The Spanish parliament on Thursday approved legislation expanding abortion and transgender rights for teenagers, while making Spain the first country in Europe that will entitle workers to paid menstrual leave.

The driving force behind the two laws was Equality Minister Irene Montero of United We Can, the junior party in Spain’s left-wing coalition government.


Spain approves menstrual leave, teen abortion and trans laws

Measures allow workers suffering period pain to take paid time off, as right to abortions in state hospitals is enshrined.

16 Feb 2023

Madrid has approved legislation expanding abortion and transgender rights for teenagers, while making Spain the first country in Europe that will entitle workers to paid menstrual leave.

The driving force behind the two laws was equality minister Irene Montero, who belongs to the junior member in Spain’s left-wing coalition government, the “United We Can” Party.


Spain’s constitutional court rejects abortion law challenge

Feb 8, 2023

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s constitutional court on Thursday rejected a challenge lodged more than a decade ago by the conservative Popular Party against a law allowing abortions in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The legal challenge had “not obtained the support” of the court, the verdict said. The main opposition PP’s legal argument had centered on the constitutionality of the right to life of the fetus.


Spanish People’s party stops far-right anti-abortion move from going ahead

Leader of Castilla y León region defies proposals by Vox partner that prompted legal action by central government

Sam Jones in Madrid
Tue 17 Jan 2023

The conservative leader of Spain’s Castilla y León region has defied his far-right coalition partners by insisting that a series of controversial anti-abortion protocols that prompted the central government to launch legal action will not be enacted.

Last week the far-right Vox party, which governs Castilla y León in coalition with the larger conservative People’s party (PP), announced “pro-life” proposals that would oblige doctors to offer women seeking terminations a 4D scan, a chance to listen to the foetal heartbeat, and a psychological consultation.


Spanish region’s anti-abortion measures spark dispute with Madrid

Initiative includes making it obligatory for clinics to offer pregnant women chance to listen to foetus’s heartbeat

Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid
Mon Jan 16 2023

A contentious policy announcement on abortion by a regional wing of Spain’s far-right Vox party has led to it being overruled by its coalition partner after being threatened with legal action by the central government.

Last week, Vox’s vice-president of the Castilla y León region, Juan García-Gallardo, unveiled an initiative which would make it obligatory for clinics to offer women the chance to listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat or see a scan before proceeding with a termination.


Regional abortion rights restrictions spark debate in Spain

Jan 12, 2023

MADRID (AP) — A regional government’s move to restrict abortion rights in a large part of central Spain reignited debate Friday on the issue in the southern European country, in the runup to this year’s local elections.

Under the new measures adopted by the conservative and far-right coalition governing the Castile and Leon region, women seeking an abortion there must be offered optional access to unsolicited resources by doctors before starting the procedure.


Spain votes to approve a new law to introduce paid ‘menstrual leave’ for painful periods

By Euronews and AFP 
Updated: 15/12/2022

Spanish lawmakers adopted on Thursday a new bill creating a menstrual leave for women suffering from painful periods and strengthening access to abortion in public hospitals.

This text was adopted by deputies in the lower house of the Spanish parliament on its first reading, with 190 votes in favour, 154 against, and 5 abstentions. It will now go to the Senate.

"This legislature is a legislature of feminist conquests," Irene Montero, Spain's Minister of Equality and a member of the radical left-wing Podemos, a party allied with socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez's government, told the Congress of Deputies.