Guernsey abortion time limits to be extended to 24 weeks

July 15, 2021

Abortions up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy will become legal, under agreed reforms to Guernsey law.

Politicians approved extending the existing 12-week limit and removing the 24-week restriction in cases of a significant foetal abnormality.

About 200 pro-choice and anti-abortion activists gathered outside the States of Guernsey on Wednesday.


Guernsey abortion laws to be ‘modernised’ by States

Guernsey abortion laws to be 'modernised' by States

24 June 2020

Abortion in Guernsey is set to be "modernised", following the States approval of amending the law. The reforms to the 1997 law include extending gestational time limits and allowing one doctor to sign off an abortion.

The limit will double to 24 weeks and no limits will apply in case of "significant" foetal abnormalities. The changes also decriminalise terminating a pregnancy outside of a medical setting.