Unsafe abortions, major contributor to maternal morbidity and mortality in Ghana – Lecturer

On Mar 14, 2023

Unsafe induced abortions are a significant contributor to maternal morbidity and mortality in Ghana which raises serious public health concerns, Dr Susan Ama Amuasi, a Lecturer at the Central University, has observed. 

She said with the growing number of young populations globally and an ever-changing sociocultural environment and circumstances, there was a tendency for unwanted pregnancies and abortions. 

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Ghana: Oti Region Health Directorate Expresses Concern Over Unsafe Abortion

15 DECEMBER 2022
By Samuel Agbewode And Nkonya-Ahenkro, Ghanaian Times (Accra)

The Oti Regional Health Directorate (ORHD), has expressed concern about the increasing number of unsafe abortion cases in the region, and called for cooperation from stakeholders to prevent the occurrence.

According to personnel of the directorate, About 1,000 young women were identified to practice unsafe abortions in 2021, Senior Midwifery Officer (SMO) of the Oti Regional Health Directorate, Ms Bernice Tendrago has revealed.

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Ghana – Religious, societal beliefs on contraceptives causing unsafe abortion – NPC

By Richard Kofi Boahen
Nov 8, 2022

Dr. Davis Yeboah Aboagye, the Bono Regional Officer of the National Population Council (NPC) says religious and certain socio-cultural beliefs about the use of contraceptive are contributing to the ever-increasing cases of unsafe abortion in the country.

He has therefore made a passionate appeal to the National Health Insurance Authority to include family planning services on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to motivate and increase the use of contraceptives among married as well as sexually active adults as a way of controlling population growth, spacing of children and reducing unwanted pregnancies.

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Ghana – Northern Region records reduction in maternal mortality

Date: Aug - 06 – 2022
BY: Mohammed Fugu

The Northern Region has recorded a reduction in maternal mortality and morbidity cases within the past two years. The region recorded 73 maternal deaths in 2020, the figure decreased to 70 in 2021, while 34 cases have so far been registered in the fi rst half of 2022. The figure is projected to reduce by the close of the year.

An Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr Hawa Malechi, who said this added that although there had been a marginal reduction in mortality, much needed to be done to significantly reduce the figures.

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Bono health directorate launches campaign to stop maternal deaths

Date: Aug - 01 - 2022
Emmanuel Adu-Gyamerah

The Bono Regional Health Directorate last Thursday launched a campaign to stop the rise in maternal mortality in the region. Statistics available indicate that whereas the region recorded 22 maternal deaths in 2019, the figure increased to 26 in 2020.

In 2021, the figure jumped further to 28, while 15 maternal deaths have already been recorded this year.  It is as a result of this that the regional health directorate, in
collaboration with the Family Health Division and the Ghana Health Service
(GHS), launched the campaign against maternal mortality on the theme:
"Stop Preventable Maternal Deaths and Disabilities".

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Ghana: Abortion Only Permissible Under Registered Medical Facility

20 JULY 2022
Ghanaian Times (Accra)
By Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi

Goaso — Abortion is permitted by law in Ghana provided it is carried out by registered medical practitioners in registered facilities, Comfort Korkor, the Ahafo Regional Public Health Nurse(PHN), has disclosed.

Mrs Korkor noted that the Ghana Abortion Law (GAL) under Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) Law 102 of 1985, legalised abortion where pregnancy was as a result of rape and incest.

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49 maternal deaths recorded between January and May 2022 in the Eastern Region

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Forty-nine (49) institutional maternal deaths were recorded between January and May this year in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The current rate paints a gloomy forecast of a sharp rise this year defeating gains made in a gradual reduction of the menace.  

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Ashanti Region recorded 174 maternal deaths in 2021 – GHS

May 27, 2022
CNR Citi Newsroom

The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate says 174 cases of maternal deaths were recorded in the region in 2021, with many of these deaths caused by unsafe abortion; a situation it has described as worrying.

According to the Ghana Health Service (GHS), global statistics suggest that 5 to 10% of women die through unsafe abortion annually.

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Ghana – Maternal mortality through unsafe abortion is injustice to women – Dr. Tinkorang

May 26, 2022

Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang, the Ashanti Regional Director of Health Services, has said that it is injustice for women to die as a result of abortion related complications.

He said it was disheartening that women had to bear the consequences of unwanted pregnancy alone with the ultimate prize of losing their lives through unsafe abortion despite the fact that it took two people to get pregnant.

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Too many have suffered under Ghana’s abortion laws. Ending Roe v Wade risks our hope for change

In a country where stigma, poverty and religious beliefs compound anti-abortion laws, a rollback on US rights will only embolden extremists

Bisi Adjapon, The Guardian
Mon 23 May 2022

No one knew she’d had multiple abortions. Not even me, a lifelong friend. “I can’t even count how many times I had to do it. He wouldn’t let me use contraception and he wouldn’t wear anything.” Sitting opposite her at a restaurant, I felt deep anguish. This was a prominent Ghanaian official.

She told me how my novel, The Teller of Secrets, had stirred memories she had tried to suppress. It was not the only shame-filled confession triggered by the book. An award-winning Ghanaian film-maker messaged me to share harrowing accounts of a Muslim woman’s abortions she couldn’t make public. Literary friends of mine have confided similar pain. Almost every African woman I know, mid-30s and above, has had an abortion or two, or more.

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