Abortion rights activists heckle Italy’s family minister at conference

By Angelo Amante
May 9, 2024

ROME (Reuters) - Protesters on Thursday heckled Italy's family minister over her critical position on abortion rights, forcing her to abandon a speech at a conference on reversing the country's declining birth rate.

When Eugenia Roccella -- a member of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party -- took the floor, activists booed and raised letters forming the sentence "I decide over my body."

Roccella initially tried to confront the protesters, but then decided to give up her planned speech.

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Anti-abortion activists set to target women at clinics in Italy as new bill approved

Nearly two thirds of gynaecologists in Italy refuse to carry out abortions, according to government statistics

By Joshua Stein
April 27, 2024

Activists opposed to abortion in Italy are expected to ramp up their targeting of clinics after being “emboldened” by an amendment to the law. Pro-abortion activists fear the bill could endanger women across Italy, and lead to harassment as they try to access information and support.

Anti-abortion activists have routinely attended clinics and pressured women to abandon abortions in three separate Italian regions – Piedmont, Veneto and Lombardy – where the local law has already been changed to allow their presence, according to Elena Caruso, an expert in Italian abortion law and fellow at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Now, anti-abortion activists are worried that could spread to other regions.

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Italy passes law allowing pro-life groups access to abortion clinics

Opponents of the amendment question the wisdom of allowing medically unqualified groups access to women considering an abortion but the government counters the move is designed so prospective patients can be better informed.

By Euronews with AP

Italy’s Senate has passed legislation which allows regions to permit groups “with a qualified experience supporting motherhood” to have access to women considering abortions at public clinics.

For the right-wing government, the amendment fulfils the original intent of the 1978 law legalising abortion, known as Law 194, which includes provisions to prevent the procedure and support motherhood.

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Abortion returns to the spotlight in Italy 46 years after it was legalized

By Nicole Winfield, The Associated Press
Posted April 23, 2024

ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni’s far-right-led government wants to allow anti-abortion groups access to women considering ending their pregnancies, reviving tensions around abortion in Italy 46 years after it was legalized in the overwhelmingly Catholic country.

The Senate on Tuesday was voting on legislation tied to European Union COVID-19 recovery funds that includes an amendment sponsored by Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party. The text, already passed by the lower Chamber of Deputies, allows regions to permit groups “with a qualified experience supporting motherhood” to have access to public support centers where women considering abortions go to receive counseling.

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Spain and Italy clash over abortion laws

April 18, 2024
By Laura Gozzi, BBC News

Spain and Italy have clashed over a proposal by Italy's ruling right-wing coalition to allow anti-abortion groups into abortion clinics. The lower house of parliament in Rome is set to pass the bill on Thursday.

Spanish Equality Minister Ana Redondo weighed into the debate prompting a spat with Italy's Giorgia Meloni. Allowing the "organised harassment" of women in abortion clinics meant "undermining a right recognised by the law", Ms Redondo declared on X. "It is the strategy of the extreme right: to intimidate in order to row back on rights," she added.

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Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics

Opposition parties say women’s rights dealt blow after package approved by Georgia Meloni’s cabinet

Angela Giuffrida in Rome
Tue 16 Apr 2024

Italian opposition parties have said women’s rights in Italy have been dealt a “heavy” blow after parliament passed a measure by Giorgia Meloni’s far-right government allowing anti-abortion activists to enter abortion consultation clinics.

The measure forms part of a package of initiatives approved by Meloni’s cabinet that will be funded by the EU’s post-pandemic recovery fund, of which Italy is the biggest beneficiary, and was put to the lower house in a confidence vote on Tuesday. The package of measures is expected to comfortably pass in the senate, too.

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The increasing difficulties of getting an abortion in Italy

This long article is behind a paywall, but the first part is available.

Women wishing to terminate a pregnancy are facing many hurdles and social disapproval, raising the wrath of feminists.

By Raphaëlle Rérolle
Feb 13, 2024

To find their way around the San Filippo Neri Hospital, women who want an abortion had better be able to read between the lines. The abortion service does exist. It's mentioned, among all the others, at the entrance to this large Rome establishment, located to the northwest of the capital. But then, poof, the name disappears. Once past the entrance hall, visitors are greeted by a single A4 sheet of paper. Plastered against a wall, the sign reads "gynecological surgery" in large letters, then, in brackets and in smaller type, "law 194/78". It is by this number, followed by the year of its adoption, that the legislation authorizing abortion in Italy is commonly referred to. For the acronym IVG (interruzione volontaria di gravidanza) to reappear, you have to wait for the service's door. The head of the department, Marina Marceca, said she again had to fight for this, against the views of the very Catholic director of this public hospital, who was bothered by the designation.

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Italy: Garante fines AMA €239,000 in abortion-related data mishandling case

27 June 2023

The Italian data protection authority (Garante) announced, on June 22, 2023, in its monthly newsletter, its decision No. 164, as issued on April 27, 2023, in which it imposed a fine of €239,000 on AMA S.p.A., for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Code, Containing Provisions to Adapt the GDPR (the Code), in conjunction with two additional decisions imposed on the Municipality of Roma Capitale and the Local Health Authority Roma 1.

Background to the decision
The Garante explained that the investigation was launched further to reports in the media, according to which at the Flaminio cemetery of Roma Capitale, managed by AMA, there were hundreds of white crosses over graves where fetuses had been buried, and labels had been affixed disclosing the data of women who had undergone a termination of pregnancy.

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Safe havens? As some nations restrict access, a look at Europe’s abortion limits

Joanna YORK

As US states and nations such as Poland move towards restricting access to abortions, parts of Europe are seen as something of a safe haven for those looking to terminate pregnancies. However, a look at legislation across the continent shows vast discrepancies and how – even if the procedure is often legal – access to abortion is restricted by hurdles ranging from mandatory counselling to a lack of doctors willing to perform the procedure.

More than 95% of women in Europe live in countries that allow some access to abortion. Some 39 European countries have legalised abortion on request, albeit with some restrictions. Six countries have strict limits in place although only three (Andorra, Malta and San Marino) do not allow abortion at all.

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Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni Speaks Out on Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

Mar 1, 2023
Chiara Albanese, Bloomberg News

(Bloomberg) -- Giorgia Meloni has largely refrained from commenting on divisive social issues since becoming Italy’s most right-wing prime minister since Benito Mussolini some three months ago. But this week she spoke out against abortion, same sex marriage and gender self identification.

The government will help women avoid an abortion by providing financial support so that they do “not miss out on the joy of raising a child,” Meloni, 46, said in an interview published in the latest issue of Grazia magazine, without giving details.

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