Fukuoka man accused of tricking pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion drug

February 23, 2021 (Mainichi Japan)

FUKUOKA -- A man in this west Japan city who allegedly gave his teenage girlfriend abortion medication to try to induce a termination was arrested on Feb. 22, police said.

Jin Mimae, a 21-year-old company employee from the city of Fukuoka's Nishi Ward, was arrested by Fukuoka Prefectural Police's Nishi Police Station on suspicion of attempted abortion without consent. He has reportedly admitted to the allegations, and told police, "I didn't want to marry her."

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Japan – Suspect admits to making teen take unapproved abortion pills

February 23, 2021

FUKUOKA--Police on Feb. 22 arrested a man who has admitted to tricking his pregnant teenage girlfriend into taking abortion pills by saying they were for a sexually transmitted disease.

The 18-year-old had a miscarriage, but investigators could not determine if the pills were the cause, according to Fukuoka prefectural police.

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Easy access to ‘morning-after’ pill vital for women’s rights

November 7, 2020

The government is weighing plans to allow over-the-counter access to emergency contraceptive pills without a doctor’s prescription.

The proposal, which is expected to be part of the government's fifth basic plan to promote gender equality set to start next fiscal year, would help prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect the rights of women.

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Abortion Remains an Unresolved Issue: ICPD25 Meeting next Month

Abortion Remains an Unresolved Issue: ICPD25 Meeting next Month

By Osamu Kusumoto
Osamu Kusumoto is Secretary General and Executive Director of Asian Population and Development Association (APDA)

TOKYO, Japan, Oct 9 2019 (IPS) - Currently, the topic of abortion as human rights leaves the world bustling. When the state of Alabama1 in the United States enacted a very strict ban on abortion, it shocked the world. This prompted so-called conservative movements, led by female business owners, to make a full-scale advertisement in the New York Times claiming abortion is a human right2 ; hence the global debate between pro-life and pro-choice.

This discussion is a remnant of the debate at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994. Twenty Five years into the ICPD and the struggle between opposing views persists, causing the continued disruption in the accessibility of women to reproductive health. This is especially true in developing countries.

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Japan – 3 sue gov’t over forced sterilizations, abortion under former eugenics law

3 sue gov't over forced sterilizations, abortion under former eugenics law

June 28, 2018 (Mainichi Japan)

SAPPORO/KUMAMOTO -- A Hokkaido couple and a Kumamoto Prefecture man sued the Japanese government on June 28 over forced sterilizations and abortion under the now defunct eugenics protection law (1948-1996) for violating their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness and their reproductive rights.

The cases filed in the Kumamoto and Sapporo district courts call for a total of 55 million yen in compensation from the central government. The plaintiffs also argue that the government and the Diet failed to take measures to aid victims after the eugenics law was revised in 1996 to become the current Maternal Health Act.

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At 16, My Mom Flew to Japan Alone to Have an Abortion

At 16, My Mom Flew to Japan Alone to Have an Abortion
By Alexis Cheung
Feb 6, 2017

In 1966, my mother flew from Seattle to Japan, alone, to have an abortion. She was 16. It’s strange, as a daughter, to wish you could protect your mom from something that happened so many years ago. But as aggressive rollbacks on women’s health care ensue, with Trump reinstating the Global Gag Rule and nominating a judge to the Supreme Court who could pose a severe risk to women’s reproductive rights, her experience no longer seems so far-fetched. My mother’s abortion was a footnote in an otherwise expansive and fulfilled life — a life, of course, enabled by her decision. This is her story in her own words.

When [my period was] two weeks late, I went to the doctor because my cycle was usually like clockwork. I knew right away that I was pregnant, within six weeks. I bypassed our family doctor and went to another GP. She was the only female doctor in town [Everett, Washington, about an hour from Seattle]. I thought because she was a woman that she’d be able to relate to me, but instead she confirmed the pregnancy and said, “Whatever you do, don’t get an abortion.” At that time, abortion wasn’t legally available where I lived. So my boyfriend and I — thinking there was no alternative — thought we had no choice but to have the baby.

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Source, New York Magazine: http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/02/at-16-my-mom-flew-to-japan-alone-to-have-an-abortion.html

Japan: Death of woman following abortion performed by unaccredited doctor sparks criminal probe

by Kyodo, Japan Times
Dec 7, 2016

A luxurious obstetrics and gynecology clinic in western Tokyo may face illegal abortion charges after it was linked to the death of a 23-year-old woman who had an abortion procedure at the clinic in July.

An investigation was launched after the woman’s husband, 26, filed a claim against the Mizuguchi Hospital in the city of Musashino, the police said Tuesday. The claim says the abortion procedure was performed by an unqualified doctor, possibly contributing to the woman’s death. The couple’s names have not been released.

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Source: Japan Times