Abortion is Decriminalized in Monaco

Abortion is Decriminalized in Monaco

13 November, 2019

On 31 October, the elected representatives of the National Council voted unanimously on a bill decriminalizing abortions which was first introduced in June. However, performing abortions will remain banned in the Principality.

Back on 12 June, during the 1st Spring Public Legislative Session, a piece of legislation decriminalizing abortion was adopted unanimously by the National Council and tabled for almost two months.

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The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion

The Last Places in Europe Where It’s Illegal to Get an Abortion
European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but human rights, including abortion, are curtailed.

by Sarah Souli; illustrated by Cathryn Virginia
Aug 19 2019

Lara hadn’t wanted to see the baby.

It wasn’t supposed to be hers, anyway; when she accidentally got pregnant at 18, she had decided the child would be raised by her aunt while she went off to university. The first few months of the pregnancy were normal: doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, the abrupt abandonment of cigarettes and beer. Then, around five months into her gestation, the pain and bleeding started. At the emergency room, a surprising diagnostic—fatally missed by her primary gynecologist—was announced. The baby was lacking two nerve bundles in its neck. A few days later, a second test with Lara’s gynecologist revealed a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The baby, doctors briskly explained to Lara, would be born “a vegetable.”

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Monaco to decriminalise abortion, but no legalisation

Monaco to decriminalise abortion, but no legalisation

August 5, 2019

Monaco said Monday that it would move in the coming months to stop making abortion a crime for women, but stopped short of full legalisation since doctors would still be prohibited from carrying out the procedure.

Women will still have to seek abortions outside the principality, where Roman Catholicism has long been the official religion, the government said in a statement.

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