Rights watchdog faults Malta for abortion, journalist safety

by: KEVIN SCHEMBRI ORLAND, Associated Press
Posted: Oct 18, 2021

VALLETTA, Malta (AP) — A European human rights watchdog recommended on Monday that Malta legalize abortion, improve gender equality and implement reforms to protect journalists, adding another international voice of criticism to the laws and culture on the Mediterranean island nation.

The Council of Europe’s rights commissioner, Dunja Mijatović, made an initial set of recommendations following her recent visit to Malta, during which she met with the prime minister, other ministers and civil society groups. A final report is expected later.

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Amnesty International Calls Out Malta’s ‘Dangerous’ And ‘Draconian’ Abortion Ban

By Belle de Jong
October 4, 2021

Europe has been at the forefront of the global trend towards the liberalisation of abortion laws for more than 60 years – but Malta is lagging centuries behind.

Human rights NGO Amnesty International published an article on abortion laws across Europe, and, as the only EU member state with a total ban on abortion, Malta is extensively featured in it.

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Change is inevitable: people demand the human right to access safe abortion across Europe

Amnesty International
September 28, 2021

Europe has been at the forefront of the global trend towards the liberalization of abortion laws for more than 60 years. But there is still work to do to give all women and people who can become pregnant access to safe and legal abortion.

Almost all EU member states have now legalized abortion on request or on broad socio-economic grounds and, in the last few years, several European countries have enacted important progressive reforms or taken steps to remove harmful procedural and regulatory barriers that can impede access to abortion.

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Malta – Zammit Marmarà calls on Labour to take stand on abortion

By Jurgen Balzan
August 15, 2021

Calling on the Labour Party to take a clear stand on abortion, Desmond Zammit Marmarà warned the party to ward off the temptation to play the populist card.

While making his anti-abortion stance clear,
Zammit Marmarà said “I expect parties to have a clear position.”

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I was a walking grave: women describe impact of Malta’s abortion ban

Healthcare professionals feel helpless, unable to provide adequate care

Aug 9, 2021
Sarah Carabott

Maria* spent the last months of her pregnancy knowing the foetus she carried inside of her had an inverted heart and a hernia that had spread to its stomach.

Her obstetrician had told her the body would probably self-abort and there was nothing they could do in the meantime.

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Abortion Counselling services to be launched in Malta

July 10, 2021
Women on Web

On June 23th, the European Parliament voted in favour of the Matic Report, and in doing so passed a resolution which calls on EU countries to ensure women are offered high quality, comprehensive and accessible sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to remove all barriers impeding them from using these services. Malta consistently falls short of these standards, with national policies needing urgent review and updating to comply to this resolution.

On Sunday July 11th at 9am, members of Doctors for Choice Malta will announce means of accessing the services supported by the Matic Report, and demonstrate counselling as an example of good clinical practice


Why it is vital to decriminalise abortion: the case of Malta

July 2, 2021
By Claire Pierson, University of Liverpool
Liza Caruana-Finkel, University of Liverpool and The Conversation

If accessing abortion in countries where it’s
criminalised wasn’t hard enough before the pandemic, lockdowns and COVID-19
travel restrictions have made the process that much more difficult.

In fact, the issue became so pronounced at the start of the pandemic that the
European parliament and the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights
called on member states to guarantee safe and timely access to abortion.

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Malta – Labour MEP Alfred Sant calls for open debate on abortion

Cultural, behavioural norms should not override inalienable rights - former PM

June 28, 2021

Labour MEP Alfred Sant is calling for an open debate on abortion, days after he abstained from voting on a report identifying abortion as a human right.

The former prime minister warned that while the debate should respect prevalent cultural and behavioural norms, these should not override inalienable rights.

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No women imprisoned for abortion in 25 years

Having an abortion, helping someone get one, is a crime in Malta

June 1, 2021

No women have been imprisoned for abortion-related crimes in the past 25 years, it has emerged.

The information was supplied in parliament by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri in reply to a question by Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo.

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Malta – ‘Women should not be prosecuted over abortion’ – ADPD

By Jurgen Balzan
May 29, 2021

Decriminalising abortion is the first basic essential step, ADPD leader Carmel Cacopardo said as he insisted that the debate should centre around empathy.

“Decriminalising abortion with respect to women is the first basic essential step which requires urgent action in Malta. It is essential as women who undergo abortion need the protection of the state and not being threatened with prosecution and persecution,” Cacopardo said, criticising the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party for stonewalling the debate.

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