Malta – Over 200 reach out to Abortion Support Network since 2019

Abortion Support Network founder Mara Clarke: people requested information on abortion clinics, reputable online providers of medical abortion pills as well as funding to travel abroad

12 February 2021

by Laura Calleja

Over 200 people have contacted the Abortion Support Network (ASN) since the NGO
expanded its services to Malta, ASN founder Mara Clarke revealed.

Since expanding its services to Malta back in February 2019, people had
contacted the NGO for information about abortion clinics, reputable online
providers of medical abortion pills, funding to help with the costs of abortion
and travel, and logistical support.


Covid: Locked-down women turn to pills amid Malta abortion ban

Catholic Malta has the strictest ban on abortion in the EU, but during the pandemic more Maltese women have been ordering abortion pills from abroad, unable to travel because of the lockdown.

By Sophia Smith-Galer, BBC World Service
January 8, 2021

Veronica - not her real name - was among them. "It was a big burden for me. I already have two kids with learning difficulties. I came off the pill, as the doctor suggested I switch to an IUD for health reasons. I was waiting for the appointment, but Covid came and cancelled all the hospital appointments."

Not long after that Veronica got pregnant. "I had to decide what is best for me and the children," she says. "The best for my health, the best financially… plus the father immediately told me to abort."


‘Abortion Just One Facet Of Sexual Health’

Maltese Law Students Breakdown Their Ambitious Policy Paper

By Sam Vassallo
December 24, 2020

Whatever your opinion on abortion, there’s no doubt that the debate in Malta has developed immensely in the last two years. From a hushed topic at the dinner table to a wave of pro-choice groups spurring up, it’s no longer a topic we can sweep under the rug.

The latest group to give their take to the discussion is university law group GħSL, who have called for its decriminalisation, among a whole list of bold sexual health reforms for Malta’s decade-old policy.


Pro-choice doctors call on ‘anti-abortion propaganda film’ to stop being shown in schools

Doctors for Choice argue that the film The Silent Scream is riddled with 'medical, scientific, and legal untruths'

9 November 2020
by Laura Calleja

Doctors for Choice have called for The Silent Scream, which they describe as an “anti-abortion propaganda film”, to stop being shown in schools.

The film was produced in the mid-1980s and is often shown in Maltese schools.

The NGO said the film continued to be used by pro-life groups to “dramatize abortion and portray it as an inhumane procedure that should be banned.”


Malta – Sant on abortion debate: ‘shaming of pro choice voices must stop’

Labour MEP Alfred Sant, who scorned 2005 bid to entrench abortion crime in Constitution, calls for open

20 September 2020
by Karl Azzopardi

Labour MEP Alfred Sant has welcomed the growing debate on abortion, stating the time of shaming people who are pro-choice must stop.

“It’s useless for those who are against abortion to present people who are in favour of abortion as outsiders or heartless people,” Sant said.


COVID-19 created double barrier for Maltese women’s access to abortion

The shutdown from COVID-19 in Malta laid bare the barriers for women to have access to abortion services

23 July 2020
by Matthew Vella

The shutdown from COVID-19 in Malta laid bare the barriers for women to have access to abortion services, with more people reaching out to activists and charities and seeking medical abortion pills online.

Pro-choice activist Liza Caruana-Finkel, an independent researcher, said COVID-19 had highlighted the problems of a system in which pregnant people in Malta secretly travel for abortions abroad or secretly order abortion pills online.


MPs Like Therese Comodini Cachia Must Play Their Part In Changing Malta’s Abortion Laws, Women’s NGO Says

By Sam Vassallo July 23, 2020

Pain, stigma and threats of police action to women by politicians will only end when Malta’s laws on abortion are changed, women’s rights activists warned after Nationalist MP Therese Comodini Cachia’s abortion comments.

In an interview with Lovin Malta, Nationalist MP and possible Opposition Leader successor Comodini Cachia said that the abortion debate in Malta must not be made partisan and that current legislature “often leaves women in difficult situations”.


Malta – Abortion laws fit for purpose?

July 20, 2020
Isabel Stabile

It is widely, although falsely, assumed that there is only one possible true moral belief system and that, therefore, those who do not espouse those views must be acting immorally.

If this were the case, any form of moral argument would be superfluous.


Europe – Women turn to backstreet abortions during coronavirus

Women turn to backstreet abortions during coronavirus
(7 minute video)

Women across Europe are struggling to get abortions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

June 23, 2020


Charities report rise in Maltese requests for abortion pills during lockdown

Charities report rise in Maltese requests for abortion pills during lockdown
Women in Malta, where abortion is banned, have been unable to travel abroad for terminations

Lucy Mansfield
Published on Fri 19 Jun 2020

Women in Malta seeking an abortion during the pandemic are being forced to procure their own miscarriage or keep an unwanted pregnancy, even when the child has a severe abnormality.

Overseas charities have reported large increases in requests for abortion pills from women in Malta during the pandemic. Women On Web, an online community based in the Netherlands, received 45 pill requests in March and 47 in April, up from 18 in February, with three women who requested abortion pills saying they had been raped by their partner during lockdown.