Malta – PM in strong defence of abortion reform, says women’s health is not negotiable

Robert Abela invokes the ghosts of reforms past, from divorce to marriage equality, in his defence of abortion legislation

4 December 2022
by Nicole Meilak

Women’s health is non-negotiable, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Sunday, as he recalled past reforms on civil liberties to defend government’s next reform on abortion legislation.

During a political activity in Fgura on Sunday, Abela listed through several reforms that the Nationalist Party campaigned against over the years.


Protests in Malta as parliament debates abortion amendment

Dec 4, 2022

VALLETTA - A large picture of an unborn baby was placed outside the office of Malta's prime minister on Sunday as demonstrators called on the government to halt plans to amend the country's strict anti-abortion laws.

The protest, the biggest in years, attracted several thousand people including Malta's top Catholic bishop and the leader of the conservative opposition, but was led by a former centre-left president, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.


Bishops in Malta warn politicians not to ease Europe’s strictest abortion laws

By Euronews, Reuters 
Dec 2, 2022

On Friday, Malta's bishops warned parliamentarians not to back a bill aimed at easing the country's abortion laws, the strictest in the European Union.

In an open letter, Archbishop Charles Scicluna and bishops Joseph Galea Curmi and Anton Teuma wrote that the bill removing the risk of criminal action against doctors who perform an abortion to save a patient's life would allow people to terminate their pregnancies not only when their life is in danger, but also for any health issue.


Abortion will remain illegal in Malta, penalties will apply says PM

By Alice Taylor |
 Nov 27, 2022

Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela confirmed that abortion will remain illegal in Malta and anyone found abusing new legislation designed to allow pregnant mothers to be treated even if such treatment could result in a termination, will face legal consequences.

Malta is home to some of the world’s most restrictive abortion laws with the procedure being a criminal offence in all circumstances including rape, incest, or if they mother’s life is at risk.


Malta – UK parliamentarians write to Abela over ‘extreme concern’ about abortion laws

Small group of parliamentarians say UK's similar wording led to 'abortion on demand'

November 26, 2022
Times of Malta

Three UK parliamentarians and a number of members of the UK's House of Lords have written an open letter to Prime Minister Robert Abela to express "extreme concern" about proposed changes to Malta's abortion laws.

The letter was sent to Abela after the government unveiled legislative amendments that would allow doctors to terminate a pregnancy when a woman’s life or health is at serious risk.


Malta proposes bill to ease EU’s strictest anti-abortion law

Malta’s government has introduced legislation to ease the European Union’s strictest anti-abortion law and allow the procedure in cases where the mother’s life or health is at risk

November 21, 2022

VALLETTA, Malta -- Malta’s government introduced proposed legislation Monday to ease the European Union’s strictest anti-abortion law and allow the procedure in cases where the mother’s life or health is at risk.

The move comes after a headline-grabbing case involving an American tourist who miscarried and was airlifted off the Mediterranean island to get treatment.


Malta moves to ease EU’s last total ban on abortion

Nov 16, 2022
By Jessica Parker & Paul Kirby

Malta's government is to propose a change in the law to allow doctors to terminate a pregnancy if a mother's life or health is at risk. The small Mediterranean state has the only total abortion ban in the EU.

Ministers promised to review the law when a US tourist was denied an abortion after she began to miscarry. Andrea Prudente, who was 16 weeks pregnant, was told doctors could do nothing while the baby's heart was still beating.


Malta to amend restrictive abortion laws

By Alice Taylor
Nov 6, 2022

Malta, one of the few European countries to have a blanket ban on abortion, is expected to amend its abortion laws in the coming months, Prime Minister Robert Abela told local media in an interview.

Under the current law, it is illegal for a woman to get an abortion or go through any procedure that may trigger one, regardless of the circumstances and even if her life is in danger. The situation came to a head in the summer when a pregnant American woman on holiday in the Catholic island-state started miscarrying but was refused a termination.


Malta needs ‘very good discussion’ on abortion, Labour MP tells Canadian counterparts

Labour MP Malcolm Agius Galea acknowledges existence of ‘very vociferous’ pro-choice lobby in exchange with a delegation of Canadian MPs led by Speaker Anthony Rota

10 October 2022
by Kurt Sansone

Malta has to have a “very good discussion” on abortion, Malcolm Agius Galea has told a visiting Canadian parliamentary delegation on Monday.

The Labour MP, who heads parliament’s Health Committee, informed the delegation of Malta’s strict anti-abortion laws but acknowledged the growth of a “very vociferous” pro-choice lobby.


Malta: The only EU country where abortion is illegal leaves women scared

By Jessica Parker and Sira Thierij, BBC News, Malta
Aug 11, 2022

Alone, in her family bathroom, a woman secretly searches for information about abortion on her phone. This was Maria - not her real name - after finding out she was pregnant.

"I was scared," she says. "I didn't know what the police [would] do. I thought maybe they would be searching for people googling the word abortion. And then you obviously get paranoid and your thoughts get carried away."