Lack of access to post-abortion care leading to maternal deaths

Sep 08, 2021 
Malawi24 Reporter

Ipas Malawi says lack of knowledge on how
women can access post-abortion care in health facilities is contributing to
high levels of maternal deaths in the country.

Ipas Malawi Program Manager Luke Tembo said this in Mzuzu during a
dissemination meeting for District Health Managers from the northern region


Malawi – Abortion motion withdrawn to pave way for civic education

Jun 17, 2021 
Russell Kondowe 

Chiradzulu West Member of Parliament Dr Mathews Ngwale has withdrawn his intention to table a private member’s motion on Abortion Bill, saying stakeholders should continue sensitising and civic-educating people in the country about what the bill says.

Ngwale who is also  Chairperson
for the Parliamentary Committee on Health said a lot of people are not aware of
the importance for law on safe abortion to be legislated hence it is important
for people to be sensitised.


Malawi Parliament Rejects Debate On Liberalizing Abortion Law

By Lameck Masina
March 12, 2021

BLANTYRE, MALAWI - Malawi's National Assembly has rejected a motion to debate liberalizing the country's strict law against abortion, which is only allowed if the mother's life is at risk.  Despite thousands of Malawian women dying each year from unsafe abortions, lawmakers on Thursday unanimously rejected a motion to debate the long-delayed Termination of Pregnancy Bill.   

The bill, pushed by activists since 2015, aimed to expand legal abortion from cases where the mother’s life is at risk to include rape, incest, fetal deformity, and threats to health. 


Malawi: Abortion Bill in Parliament On Thursday As Malawi As Churches Oppose

10 MARCH 2021

By Chipambano Mbewe, Nyasa Times (Leeds)

The Malawi Parliamentary Health Committee says it will present and move a
motion of the Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) bill on Thursday, March 11 2021 in
the Parliament which will also be presented as a Private Member's Bill
respectively in the face of opposition from faith groups.

If passed, the termination of pregnancy bill would allow abortions when a
woman's mental or physical health is in danger, in cases of rape and incest,
and when there are serious foetal abnormalities.


Malawi to Debate Liberalizing Abortion in Face of Conservative Opposition

By Lameck Masina
March 10, 2021

BLANTYRE, MALAWI - Abortion is illegal in Malawi, unless the mother's life is at risk, but that doesn't stop an estimated 140,000 women per year having unsafe terminations that leave 12,000 women dead and countless others permanently scarred. Despite these numbers, efforts to liberalize current abortion laws are facing resistance from conservative groups.

After getting pregnant at age 17, “Melita” – not her real name – saw abortion as her only option to stay in school.


Malawi MPs debate bill to liberalise abortion laws as churches oppose

Law would widen strict rules in country where thousands suffer complications from unsafe terminations

Charles Pensulo in Lilongwe
Thu 25 Feb 2021

A bill to liberalise Malawi’s abortion laws will be debated by MPs on Thursday in the face of opposition from faith groups.

If passed, the termination of pregnancy bill would allow abortions when a woman’s mental or physical health is in danger, in cases of rape and incest, and when there are serious foetal abnormalities.


Thousands of women dying ‘like chickens’ as efforts to change Malawi’s strict abortion laws stall

Roughly 12,000 women die from back street abortions each year in Malawi, yet continuing efforts to relax strict laws face heavy opposition

By Henry Kijimwana Mhango, MANGOCHI, MALAWI
19 February 2021

It was Angrita's only choice: to terminate a pregnancy by any means necessary and save her family from shame. But the procedure took her to the grave.

The 14 year old orphan was rejected by a man who she says impregnated her. Dorothy Fundai, her grandmother, hides tears as she recalls how Angrita’s fear of being a “laughing stock” in her remote village near Mangochi, at the southern tip of Lake Malawi, drove her to adopt dangerous methods to terminate her pregnancy.


Malawi – Youths urged to show strong support for abortion bill

Dec 12, 2020 
Archangel Nzangaya

The Malawi Parliamentary Health Committee has urged young people in the country to show strong support for the passing of Termination of Pregnancy Bill (TPB), saying the bill is important to the youth.

This is according to the chairperson for the Parliamentary Health Committee Dr Mathews Ngwale who was speaking on Thursday in Blantyre at the commemoration of international human rights day which falls on 10th December.


Malawi Muslim Council Endorses Abortion Bill

8 DECEMBER 2020, Nyasa Times (Leeds)
By Chipambano Mbewe

A group of Sheikh's leaders from different Muslim organisations in the country which are under the Qadriyyah Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) through Qadriyyah Ulama Council in Malawi (QUCM) has come out to openly support the controversial proposed Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

The grouping officials on Monday came out in the open to support the bill which has been sharply criticised by some Christians and Muslims.


Malawi: Youths in Mzuzu, Nkhatabay Endorse Abortion Bill

28 NOVEMBER 2020
Nyasa Times (Leeds)
By Phillip Pasula

Youths from Mzuzu and Nkhata-Bay have spoken in support of the proposed Termination of Pregnancy Bill, saying if passed it will help in safeguarding their sexual reproductive health rights.

The youths sounded their concerns at Ilala Crest Lodge on Thursday where they had a meeting as part of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence for the year 2020 which begins from 25th November to 10th December.