Malawi: Rape and Deaths From Unsafe Abortion – Malawi’s Horrifying Injustices

6 JUNE 2024
By Wina T. Sangala, Centre for Solutions Journalism (Blantyre)

The death of a 16-year-old girl following rape by a Kabaza (motorcycle taxi) operator, as reported by The Daily Times on February 5, 2024, calls for deep reflection and decisive action on Malawi's outdated abortion laws and how we are addressing gender-based violence.

Following the brutal rape, she became pregnant. She was not ready to keep the forced pregnancy, and after several failed attempts to get medical assistance, she died tragically following an unsafe abortion.


Malawi – Legal restrictions fail to stop unsafe abortions – COPUA

May 21, 2024

Despite current legal restrictions, unsafe abortions are still widespread in Malawi as over 100,000 abortions take place every year, country-wide.

Citing the research results by the College of Medicine and Guttmacher Institute which shows that over 141,000 abortions happened in Malawi in 2015 alone, Coalition for the Prevention of Unsafe Abortion (COPUA) Vice Chairperson, Dr Amos Nyaka wants the law process to continue.


Malawi – Unsafe abortion putting lives of women in danger – Human Rights Media Organization

May 11, 2024 
Martha Chikoti 

Centre for Solutions Journalism (CSJ), a human rights media organization, says unsafe abortion puts the lives of girls and women in danger especially those in remote areas due to ignorance and lack of information on Sexual and Reproductive Health related issues.

Executive Director, Brian Ligomeka, made the statement on Friday during a media training that the organization conducted on reporting sexual and reproductive health issues in  Lilongwe.


Malawi – Media asked to question Govt why Termination of Pregnancy Bill is not being tabled in Parliament

March 21, 2024
Watipaso Mzungu JNR

A consortium of civil society organizations (CSOs) implementing Breaking the Barriers Project has made an impassionate appeal to the media in the country to question why, up to now, government is reluctant to table the Termination of Pregnancy Bill in Parliament.


Malawi: Young Girls Bear the Brunt of Unsafe Abortions in Blantyre

11 MARCH 2024
Centre for Solutions Journalism (Blantyre)
By Penelope Paliani Kamanga

Blantyre — Data from Blantyre District Health Office shows that the majority of people seeking post-abortion care are young girls. Of the 2003 reported cases that were treated for post-abortion care from unsafe abortions in the last quarter of 2023, a staggering 1003 were under the age of 20, while 1000 were slightly over 20 years old.

Blantyre-based youth activist Rebecca Majamanda said the figures highlight the vulnerability of adolescent girls and young women to the risks associated with unsafe abortion practices, including severe health complications and death.


Malawi Activists Lobby for Abortion Law Reforms

March 10, 2024
By Chimwemwe Padatha
Video: 2:48 minutes

In Malawi, 35,000 backstreet abortions were carried out in 2022 and 2023, according to its Ministry of Health. These unsafe procedures are just one reason support for abortion rights has increased in recent years. Chimwemwe Padatha has more from Lilongwe.


Cases of unsafe abortion soars: In 2023, Malawi registered 35 000 unsafe abortions

January 4, 2024
Naomi Mkwanda

Government says the country registered unprecedented 35 000 unsafe abortions last year, renewing calls for the country to ease abortion laws so that they reflect the situation on the ground.

Abortion is illegal in the country as it is only supposed to be done in extreme instances where the life of woman is said to be in danger.


Malawi -NGO calls for review of laws amid surge in unsafe abortion

Dec 24, 2023
Archangel Nzangaya

Amid increased cases of unsafe abortion amongst girls and women in Malawi, a non-governmental organization, Nyale Institute, has encouraged authorities and relevant stakeholders to review the country’s sexual reproductive laws.

This is according to Nyale Institute’s Executive Director Dr Godfrey Kangaude who made the calls on the sidelines of a revelation that this year, there has been an increase in number of women and girls who sought treatment at a post abortion clinic in Blantyre.


Malawi – Youth facing challenges in accessing sexual and reproductive health services

Oct 25, 2023 
Mike Kalumbi 

Young people in the country are still facing challenges in accessing sexual reproductive health services and this is putting them at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV and unplanned and early pregnancies with negative consequences such as dropping out of school and unsafe abortion.

This was revealed during a youth open day organised by Banja la Mtsogolo which took place yesterday in Lilongwe at Unicef Ground, Chinsapo.


Malawi – Youths struggle to access Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Oct 08, 2023 
Francis Tayanja-Phiri 

Girls and women struggle to access Sexual and Reproductive Health services in health facilities. Journalist Francis Tayanjah-Phiri discusses some of the challenges the youth face with the Executive Director of Young Voices Kenneth Mtago

What are the challenges youth face as they access Sexual and Reproductive Health services?
Mtago: The challenges are many including those that on socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions. Most youths are not financially independent and it is difficult for them to access quality services. Furthermore, some health facilities do not have youth friendly services, forcing the youth to shun hostile service providers with staff who have negative personnel attitudes. Imagine a youth seeking condoms from a health worker who remarks: Inunso mwayamba za chiwerewere? (Have you resorted to promiscuity?). The other challenge is lack of comprehensive sexuality education, resulting in the youth failing to understand their bodies. Due to low levels of knowledge on contraceptives availability, unsafe abortions are another problem haunting many girls and women.