WA Government set to modernise state’s abortion laws, following community consultation

By Cason Ho
Nov 19, 2022

Women and medical practitioners have been asked to have their say on WA's decades-old abortion laws, which are among the toughest in the
country, as the state government prepares to overhaul the legislation. 

The changes on the table include fully decriminalising abortion, increasing the gestational limit for a procedure from 20 to 24 weeks, abolishing mandatory counselling and scrapping the need for a GP referral.

Continued: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-20/wa-government-set-to-overhaul-abortion-law/101675792

Australia – After Attacking Medical Center, Hackers Leak Patients’ Abortion Details to the Dark Web

In a disgusting move, cybercriminals published the personal medical details of individual patients to the internet this week.

By Lucas Ropek
November 11, 2022

After attacking a major healthcare provider in Australia earlier this year, cybercriminals dumped a large selection of data to the internet this week, including customers’ personal health information. The leak reportedly includes sensitive documents related to some patients’ medical procedures, including pregnancies and abortions.

The victim, health insurance giant Medibank, was compromised by ransomware hackers earlier this year. The gang asked the company for a ransom of nearly $10 million, but the company refused. After negotiations broke down, the criminals began publishing portions of the stolen data to the internet this week, including information about the company’s customers.

Continued: https://gizmodo.com/after-attacking-medical-center-hackers-leak-patients-a-1849774993

Survey finds dangers of unsafe abortion practices in Solomons

9 November 2022
Susana Suisuiki, RNZ Pacific Journalist

A report on women's health in Solomon Islands has revealed that unsafe abortion practices is a serious public health issue.

The Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) study surveyed women across the Solomons to gather their personal experiences with abortion and contraception.

Continued: https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/478367/survey-finds-dangers-of-unsafe-abortion-practices-in-solomons

Abortion access and funding have always been a struggle in U.S. territories

Access to abortion in U.S. territories post-Dobbs is just as difficult as before, and those concerns aren’t even a discussion within the mainstream reproductive rights movement

by Cecille Joan Avila
November 7th, 2022

In June, the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively eliminating the federal right to abortion, but in Guam, it’s been four years since the last surgical abortion provider retired, leaving the small island territory without anyone who can perform the procedure. Pregnant people seeking an abortion can either receive abortifacients by mail, or, if they are beyond the timeframe where it’s possible to have a medication abortion, they have to travel to Hawai‘i. That is only feasible if they have the means to—and many do not.

For many in U.S. territories, getting an abortion hasn’t just depended on the procedure being legal. People have had to rely on community networks and whatever resources were available to get or pay for an abortion. The common factor is that in U.S. territories, they need to know the right people to ask for assistance, information, and resources, which is ultimately an unsustainable way to access a key component of reproductive health.

Continued: https://prismreports.org/2022/11/07/abortion-access-us-territories-struggle/

New Zealand women to be able to access abortion over the phone

Women in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy will be able to obtain abortion medication after a telephone consultation

Tess McClure in Auckland
Fri 28 Oct 2022

Women across New Zealand will be able to order an abortion over the phone from as early as next week, as the country becomes one of the few in the world to offer a full national telehealth service for the procedure.

The country is rolling out the final stage of its abortion telemedicine services, with a national hotline that will provide clinical consultations for an early medical abortion, then courier out medications.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/oct/28/new-zealand-women-telehealth-abortion-access-phone-call

Australia – Inquiry into abortion services in the ACT region hears many find it difficult to access that form of healthcare

By Tahlia Roy
Posted Fri 28 Oct 2022

International student Rylee experienced weeks of stress and fear after she had unprotected sex and realised her period was late.

The Canberra University student from Canada began to research what her options would be to terminate an unplanned pregnancy in the nation's capital in 2020.

Continued: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-29/act-abortion-inquiry-hears-of-difficulty-in-access/101588636

Women’s Health Report Ignites Discussions In Solomon Islands

Friday, 21 October 2022
Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association

Yesterday, the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) launched a women’s health report that highlighted the determinants, practices and consequences of unsafe abortion in Solomon Islands, documenting a serious public health issue.

“Though the report is on unsafe abortion, that is the last stage. We all need to work together to ensure that our women, our girls, our future have access to sexual reproductive health. SIPPA cannot do it alone – we need your help, if our people have access to the right information and right services than we won’t have many cases of unsafe abortion” Ben Agoa, SIPPA Executive Director.

Continued: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO2210/S00162/womens-health-report-ignites-discussions-in-solomon-islands.htm

Australia – Police clash with abortion protesters, as opposing rallies take to the streets of Melbourne

By Georgia Lenton-Williams
Oct 7, 2022

Protesters have clashed with police in Melbourne's city as people rallied in the streets to promote opposing messages about abortion rights.

Pro-choice protesters marched a course through the CBD that was planned to intersect with an anti-abortion march taking place at the same time.

Continued: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-08/opposing-groups-protest-about-abortion-rights-in-melbourne-city/101515568

New Zealand – With doorstep pill delivery, having an abortion is about to get a whole lot easier

Sylvia Giles
Oct 2, 2022

Next month, access to early medical abortion will massively increase with the roll-out of doorstep delivery service. What does that mean for patients – and for surgical providers?

It’s what people who are pregnant and don’t want to be have wanted “since the beginning of time”, says Dr Janet Downs.

Continued: https://thespinoff.co.nz/society/03-10-2022/with-doorstep-pill-delivery-having-an-abortion-is-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-easier

Australian woman deported from US says border agency told her questions about abortion were policy

Madolline Gourley says a special agent in the office of professional responsibility told her the questions she was asked were in line with Customs and Border Protection procedures

Caitlin Cassidy
Sat 1 Oct 2022

An Australian woman says the US border agency told her that asking travellers about terminating a pregnancy is in line with their policies after she was detained at an airport and then deported.

Madolline Gourley says she was asked whether she’d had an abortion while detained at Los Angeles airport in June. It came days after Roe v Wade – the landmark court case that legalised abortion – was overturned in the United States.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/oct/01/australian-woman-deported-from-us-says-border-agency-told-her-questions-about-abortion-were-policy