Russian Orthodox Church Says Equates Abortion to ‘Cardinal Sin’ of Murder

Dec 28, 2023
Moscow Times

The Russian Orthodox Church announced it has adopted a document equating abortion to murder amid growing ultra-conservative calls for a nationwide ban and several regions restricting the procedure.

“The Church unequivocally equates arbitrary surgical or medical abortion to murder, regardless of the gestational age and the manner in which it is carried out,” Church spokesman Vladimir Legoyda said in a statement Wednesday evening.


Russian Lawmakers Oppose Ban on Abortions in Private Clinics – Vedomosti

Dec 18, 2023

A group of Russian lawmakers has rejected a bill that would bar all private clinics in the country from providing abortion services, the business newspaper Vedomosti reported Monday, citing a letter sent to the speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament.

Members of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Health Protection insisted that a woman's right to choose where she has an abortion — be that at a private or state-run medical facility — should be preserved, according to the newspaper.


‘Give birth to more soldiers’: hardline Russia turns on abortions

Dec 15, 2023

Warsaw (AFP) – Russia's radical conservative turn since it invaded Ukraine is changing life inside the country, with even the long-held right for women to have abortions being questioned.

Russia has a decades-old tradition of legal abortions, with the issue less divisive as in many more religious Western countries. But over the last few months a flurry of regions have rushed to restrict abortions in private clinics, yielding to demands from the Russian Orthodox church.


Putin moves to abolish women’s right to abortion in Russia

The Militant, Vol. 87/No. 46
December 2, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin is leading a drive to severely restrict women’s right to get an abortion in Russia, which in recent history has a relatively high abortion rate, an annual average of 46 per 1,000 women. At the same time, his government is seeking to limit aid to Russian families, as the pressures from Moscow’s genocidal war against the people of Ukraine is hitting increasingly hard on working people.

Putin and his cronies are dismayed by the plummeting birthrate in Russia. The rate of population decline has almost tripled since 2020. His war against Ukraine has so far resulted in a death toll of some 120,000 Russian soldiers, with 180,000 more wounded. Close to 1 million youth have left the country since the beginning of the war, seeking to avoid the draft and Putin’s deepening assault on political rights.


Russia limits women’s access to abortion, citing demographic changes

Experts say crackdown on abortion drugs and services is part of a project to instil ‘certain values’ in society.

By Katie Marie Davies
28 Nov 2023

Russia has long touted itself as a country home to what President Vladimir Putin often calls “traditional family values”. The Federal Assembly has cracked down on the LGBTQ community, passing legislation outlawing gender-affirming surgeries and banning “gay propaganda”.

Now social conservatives have a new target: reproductive rights. Terminating a pregnancy is a legal and widely available procedure in Russia, but in recent weeks and months, a flurry of new laws appear to limit abortion access amid fears of further population declines and a push towards conservatism.


Russian authorities are restricting abortion access amid population and military recruiting concerns

Katie Balevic
Nov 25, 2023

Top Russian authorities are restricting abortion access, calling the procedure a "disaster."

It comes amid the state's concerns over population growth, particularly where it impacts military recruiting, according to the BBC. Some one in three women claim to have gotten the procedure, and more than 500,000 pregnancies were terminated in 2022, the outlet reported.


Russia: What’s behind the anti-abortion push?

Russian lawmakers are looking into banning abortions in private clinics, and new laws are already threatening fines for "incitement" to abortion in some parts of the country. Many fear that a total ban might be coming.

Darko Janjevic
Nov 22, 2023

Women seeking to end their pregnancy in Russia have been facing many new obstacles in recent months — the government is limiting the sale of abortion drugs, the Russian Orthodox Church is pushing to ban abortion in private clinics, and two Russian administrative regions have already imposed fines for "incitement" of pregnant women to abortion.

Church officials are also calling for laws that would make it mandatory for married women to obtain their husband's consent before ending their pregnancy. Separately, Russian senator Margarita Pavlova, herself a graduate of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture, recently said it was, "necessary to stop directing girls towards gaining higher education… which then, essentially, leads to nothing."


Russian authorities crack down on abortion access amid demographic crisis

22nd November 2023
By Vitaly Shevchenko

Russian authorities are limiting access to abortions in an attempt to confront the country's longstanding demographic crisis.

Measures include making it an offence trying to persuade a woman to have an abortion and pressuring private clinics to stop carrying out the procedure.

Feminist groups say the campaign is putting the lives of women at risk. The Russian Orthodox Church, which has close ties to the Kremlin, is playing a key role in the anti-abortion campaign.


Amid Russia’s demographic crisis, are recent moves to restrict access to abortion a sign of things to come?

18 November 2023
Sonia Mustaeva, exclusively for Novaya Gazeta Europe

The head of annexed Crimea’s Health Ministry, Konstantin Skorupsky, announced on 9 November that all private clinics on the Black Sea peninsula would stop providing abortions except when medically necessary.

He said the region’s private clinics “voluntarily” decided to make this change following a proposal he made along with other regional authorities. Now women who want an abortion will have to go to state clinics, where doctors are likely to try to dissuade them from having the procedure.


Is Russia Heading Toward an Abortion Ban?

Russia on the Record
Nov 17, 2023
Podcast: 49 minutes

The Soviet Union was the first country in the world to allow abortion, and until this year, modern Russia has had some of the world’s most liberal abortion legislation.

But in recent months, several Russian regions have pursued anti-abortion policies ranging from outlawing the so-called act of “coercing women” into having an abortion — which could also be interpreted as banning any information about safe abortion — to banning the procedure in private clinics.