Scotland – Anti-abortion group leader: Government has no duty to protect public’s feelings

June 04, 2023

The Scottish Government does not have a duty to protect the feelings of the public, the head of an anti-abortion group has said.

Shawn Carney, the co-founder and chief executive of 40 Days for Life, rejected accusations his group had harassed women attempting to access abortions.

Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay is expected to publish a widely supported Bill this month to establish buffer zones around abortion clinics, which is expected to pass Holyrood without issue.


Abortion rise in Scotland may be driven by cost of living, says charity

May 31, 2023
By Morven Mckinnon, BBC Scotland News

A record number of abortions in Scotland last year may have been driven by cost of living worries, a charity has said.

Figures released by Public Health Scotland showed there were 16,584 terminations in 2022, a 19% increase.

Women living in the least affluent areas had twice as many abortions as those in the most affluent areas.


Scotland – Activists’ concern after abortion buffer zone group disbanded

May 3, 2023
By Morven Mckinnon, BBC Scotland News

Pro-choice activists have raised concerns after the Scottish government disbanded a working group on abortion buffer zones. Back Off Scotland, which wants curbs on protests near clinics, accused ministers of sitting "on their hands".

A members bill proposed by Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay would set up 150m "safe access" zones around sites.


Scotland – Green MSP looking to speed up buffer zones bill as abortion protests intensify

Apr 3, 2023
By Steph Brawn

GILLIAN Mackay has said she will be looking to speed up progress on her Safe Access Zones Bill after "sickening" harassment of patients and staff at a Glasgow clinic offering abortions.

The Green MSP has insisted intimidation from protesters at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital must be brought to an end.


Scotland – SNP MSP John Mason under fire over anti-abortion motion

22nd March 2023
By Andrew Learmonth

THE SNP's John Mason has been accused of "hijacking" plans for a new Baby Loss Memorial Book.

The Glasgow Shettleston MSP has tabled a motion in parliament welcoming the proposal but called for "more equality for all unborn babies in the future” and compared miscarriage and premature death to abortion.

Labour's Monica Lennon said Mr Mason was trying to "undermine abortion rights."


Scotland – Secular Society urges urgent review of charity status for “crisis” pregnancy centres

20 March 2023
by Robert Armour

Ministers are being urged by campaigners to review the charitable status of ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ giving unethical advice to pregnant woman.

These centres are organisations outside the NHS that offer advice to women with unplanned pregnancies. Many are registered charities.


Scotland – SNP leadership candidates urged to commit to abortion clinic buffer zones

Concerns that Scotland lagging behind rest of UK as anti-abortion protests continue outside clinics

Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent
Mon 13 Mar 2023

Pro-choice campaigners are urging all Scottish National party leadership candidates to commit to accelerating the imposition of protest-free buffer zones around abortion clinics, as healthcare professionals describe the “remorseless” impact of anti-choice activity on their working lives.

Amid growing concern that Scotland is trailing behind the rest of the UK, after safe access zones passed their final parliamentary hurdle in the Commons last week, there was a protest and counter-protest outside the Sandyford clinic in Glasgow at the weekend. The clinic offers a range of services including abortion, support for sexual assault victims and transgender healthcare.


U.S. Anti-Abortion Activists Are Spreading Clinic Protests Around the World

The Texas-based group 40 Days for Life has brought its aggressive tactics to more than 1,000 cities in 65 countries.

Jessica Bateman
January 9, 2023

There were four or five protesters outside Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, the first time Dr. Greg Irwin saw them. He was driving to his job as a consultant radiologist when he noticed the group hoisting placards opposite the parking lot, close to the maternity unit. BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB I KNEW YOU, one sign read, alongside a Bible reference. “Oh, my God,” Irwin thought. “It’s one of those American protests.”

After he parked in his usual spot, an older woman holding rosary beads smiled as he approached. “We’re holding a prayer vigil,” she explained, adding that they were offering “support and advice” to women. Irwin noticed their placards were branded with the logo of 40 Days for Life. When he googled the name later that night, he expected to find a local church organization. Instead, he discovered the shiny, high-budget website of a Texas-based group, emblazoned with pictures of men in sharp suits with dazzling white teeth. A counter in the corner ticked down the numbers of babies “saved” worldwide. Scrolling, he saw a map festooned with red pins, marking group locations all over the world. Irwin stared at his screen, bewildered. How could there be a connection between a group in Texas and the woman outside his hospital in Scotland?


Scotland – Court ruling paves way for abortion clinic buffer zones

Dec 8, 2022

A Supreme Court ruling has paved the way for a new law setting up safe access zones outside abortion clinics in Scotland. The court ruled that legislation setting up such zones in Northern Ireland does not "disproportionately interfere" with protesters' rights.

Women's Health Minister Maree Todd said Scottish legislation would now go through as soon as possible.


US group to fight Scotland’s abortion buffer zones

By Lynsey Bews
Sept 28, 2022

A US anti-abortion campaign group has said it will help mount a legal challenge if a law to implement buffer zones is passed in Scotland.

Texas-based 40 Days for Life is already active outside clinics and hospitals in Scotland.

The group's volunteers carry out what they term "vigils" but others claim the protests intimidate vulnerable women.