We need to talk about how U.S. policy is sabotaging reproductive rights in Africa

A controversial US policy is jeopardizing family planning services and fueling a maternal health crisis in Ethiopia and Uganda.

By Annabel Rocha
May 20, 2024

The lack of reproductive health services in Uganda and Ethiopia leaves those experiencing unwanted pregnancies with few options, and poorer communities with even fewer. Only 13 to 16% of poor, married women in Uganda use modern contraception, according to Guttmacher, resulting in four in 10 births being unplanned. In Ethiopia, 4.5 million women have an unmet need for modern contraception, with 46% of the estimated 4.6 million pregnancies in the country unintended. To support family planning services, these governments rely on international and U.S. funding, which has devastating consequences for health initiatives when support is withdrawn.

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Project 2025 Is Already Here

Core aspects of the far-right plan to overhaul U.S. government are already being put into place, through an anti-abortion influence campaign overseas.

APRIL 25, 2024

When pundits, critics and supporters discuss Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s readiness work plan for a second Donald Trump presidency, it’s always in the future tense. At more than 900 pages, Project 2025’s playbook, Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise, is a door-stopper of policy recommendations that lays out detailed steps for decimating democracy in the first 180 days of the new administration. Some executive orders include eliminating the Department of Education (“a woke education cartel”), renaming the Department of Health and Human Services the ​“Department of Life,” and anchoring these commitments in the promise to restore ​“the family as the centerpiece of American life.”

This Christian nationalist plan is no fever dream: even if Trump loses in November, many core aspects of Project 2025 will still be implemented. In fact, some of its recommendations are already underway.

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Uganda – UNFPA-Dutch’s ANSWER Programme empowers millions in sexual reproductive health in West Nile, Acholi

April 4, 2024

KAMPALA – Over 2.8 million people including young (10-19 years), women of reproductive age (15-49 years), sexually active men, refugees, survivors of gender-based violence and persons living with disability in West Nile and Acholi have been empowered in sexual reproductive health, courtesy of Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ANSWER) Programme.

The four-year programme by the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA Uganda with funding from The Embassy of the Netherlands in Uganda was aimed to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health, realize reproductive rights, and reduce maternal mortality to improve the lives of women, adolescents and youth, enabled by population dynamics, human rights and gender equality.

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Ugandan court upholds anti-gay law, citing U.S. anti-abortion ruling

April 3, 2024

Uganda’s constitutional court has upheld most provisions of the country’s anti-gay law, one of the world’s harshest, citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling as support for the decision.

The law, which authorizes the death penalty for the vaguely defined act of “aggravated homosexuality,” was largely upheld in the 203-page court judgment on Wednesday, after a legal challenge by human rights activists.

The court struck down four of the law’s provisions, including criminal penalties for those who lease premises to gays and those who fail to report suspicions of same-sex relationships.

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Uganda – Family Medical Point rescues Kigungu women from death caused by unsafe abortions

March 10, 2024

ENTEBBE – Namakula Josephine is a sex worker in Kigungu landing site, Entebbe. She says in 2023, a client deliberately broke a condom thereby impregnating her.

As a poor lady, she was advised by a friend to use herbal medicine to remove the unwanted baby because she couldn’t raise money for a safe abortion. Little did she know this could cost her life.

“I got a lot of complications, bled a lot, and even some foetus parts remained inside which started rotting,” she narrated.

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Ugandan Women Risk Their Lives to Access Abortion

“Many girls are dying because we have chosen to ignore them.”

Friday, 8 March, 2024
Culton Scovia Nakamya

For Jovia (not her real name), 2023 was the worst year of her life. The 20-year-old business student was gang-raped at a drunken house party in the Kampala suburb of Kansanga and six weeks later realised that she was pregnant.

“I wondered what I am going to tell my parents. For God’s sake, I am just in my second semester of year one, and I didn’t know who did it,” she said.

Her options were limited, as abortion is illegal in Uganda except under rare circumstances. She confided in a female friend, who suggested they visit the Kampala suburb of Nakulabye, an area known as a hub of clinics that administer clandestine abortions, mostly to students.

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Uganda – The Sabotage Movie Premiere: A Film with a Social Cause

February 16, 2024

The long-awaited premiere of Sabotage took place last night at the Century Cinemax Acacia Mall in an elegant affair attended by players in Uganda’s arts industry, representatives from development organisations, celebrities and film enthusiasts.

Brought to life by Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) in partnership with Sauti+ Media Hub and Nabwiso Films, the film is directed by Mathew Nabwiso and stars Stella Natumbwe, Sharifa Ali, Jjemba Dean Austin, Denid Kinan and others in a rollercoaster drama set around a traditional wedding (‘kwanjula’) exploring sexual violence, abortion and tradition to raise awareness around Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) in Uganda.

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Uganda – Local NGO comes to rescue of sex workers living on Lake Victoria landing sites

PML Daily
January 20, 2024

ENTEBBE – Reports of injuries and illnesses resulting from unsafe abortion complications among sex workers living on Lake Victoria landing sites are unacceptably high, placing a huge healthcare burden not only on individual patients and their families but also on the national healthcare system, which is already burdened with other morbidities.

On a sadder note, many of those who suffer these complications lose lives because they cannot afford or quickly access Post Abortion Care (PAC) depending on where they are offered.

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Uganda – Health service providers urged to extend post-abortion care without fear

December 3, 2023

KAMPALA – Health service providers in both public and private facilities have been urged to provide Post Abortion Care (PAC) without fear because it is fully provided for in the Ministry of Health standards and guidelines.

The call was made by Dr. Othman Kakaire – Executive Director of the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Uganda (AOGU).

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Uganda – Abortion-associated stigma affecting access to Post-Abortion Care – MOH

The Independent
September 30, 2023

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | While the government has put in place medical care services to support mothers who need post-abortion care in all healthcare centers, the Ministry of Health reveals that many of them still die due to complications without seeking help.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Dr. Charles Olaro, the Director of Curative Services in the Health Ministry revealed that despite awareness efforts about the availability of such services that help women battling complications post-abortion, many still end up in the medical ward even when they turn up to hospitals because they provide wrong information to health workers.

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