Dangerously cheap: Kenya’s illegal abortions

Nov 20, 2016, Al Jazeera
By Amanda Fisher

An upcoming battle in Kenyan courts could determine future access to safe, legal abortions for women there.

Nairobi, Kenya - In the wood-panelled interior of Nairobi's High Court, a battle is due to begin on December 15 that will determine whether hundreds of thousands of women each year are committing criminal acts.

The issue of abortion in Kenya has been mired in confusion and contention for the past six years.

In 2010, a new constitution was passed, heralded globally as a progressive foundational document for its principles of gender equality in parliament; freedom of media; and formation of an independent Human Rights and Equality Commission to investigate human rights abuses.

The trouble is that much of what was included has met resistance and debate.

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Source: Al Jazeera