Empowering women and de-stigmatising abortion with pills

28 Sep 2016

Access to abortion information and support saves lives – from today women across Africa and worldwide have a new source of help

Abortion is a common and normal experience in women’s lives. We must reclaim women’s right to abortion and to information about reproductive health and rights.

Clear information on the safe use of abortion medicines must be made more accessible across languages and cultures.

To meet this need, guidelines and information needed for the use of abortion pills at home, regardless of a woman’s geography and legal context, are posted on the Women Help Women website. The information is also shared via email with anyone who contacts the site.

Women Help Women runs a multilingual information centre about the use of abortion pills. Requests for information and for help come mostly from women living in settings where access to abortion is legally restricted. They can request abortion pills and/or contraceptives online. A small package is then sent to their home address.

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Source: Women Help Women