Here’s How Insanely Hard It Is To Get An Abortion In Texas

From traveling hundreds of miles to being unable to get a medical abortion, a new study details the difficulties faced by the state's pregnant women

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Nov 03, 2016 at 3:23 PM ET -

When “Jane,” a 31-year-old woman living in Texas, decided to get an abortion, she found that her nearest clinic was a daunting 85 miles away. She nonetheless set out for her first ultrasound appointment, which is mandated by state law, but then her car broke down on the way. So, Jane had to use a combination of cab, city bus, and Greyhound bus just to make it. The appointment lasted longer than expected, so she missed her return bus, which meant she had to buy another ticket.

“It was awful. It was raining that day, of all the days it’s raining,” she said in a subsequent interview. “It was the longest day that I can remember having for a long time.”

This is the reality of access to reproductive healthcare for many women in Texas following the passage in 2013 of HB 2.

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