“In the UK, the quiet, insidious unravelling of our reproductive rights is well underway”

In this exclusive op-ed for Stylist, Women’s Equality Party leader Mandu Reid reflects on the slow push back against reproductive rights in the UK after leaked government documents showed plans to tighten rules on ‘at-home abortions’.

Nov 26, 3022

By Mandu Reid

Curtailing abortion rights is politically unpopular. We’ve seen that in the recent midterm election outcome in the US, where the so-called Roe Wave saw every single ballot on abortion go in favour of reproductive rights, even in majority-Republican states.

In the UK too, there is no political gain to be had from restricting reproductive rights, because the British public are overwhelmingly in favour of abortion access. Which is why the recently leaked government document outlining plans to curb access to at-home abortions shows how obsessed they are with curtailing women’s rights, even if it comes with substantial political risk.

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