India – SC Announces Unmarried Pregnant Women Also Have The Right To Abortion

In light of US Supreme Court overturning Roe Vs Wade, the Supreme Court of India led by Justice Chandrachud declared that unmarried women can access abortion.

Written by Kinkini Gupta
August 26, 2022

The Supreme Court Chief Justice, D.Y. Chandrachud said that an unmarried woman has the right to abort her pregnancy even on the 24th week. The bench was hearing the plea of a woman who wanted to abort after her partner left her. The court quoted from precedents, "A woman's right to reproductive choice is an inseparable part of her personal liberty under Article 21 of Constitution. She has a sacrosanct right to bodily integrity. There is no doubt that a woman's right to make reproductive choices is also a dimension of personal liberty."

The Supreme Court also stated that the decision taken by the Delhi High Court was unduly restrictive to not allow the woman to undergo abortion at 23 weeks just because she is unmarried.