India: Abortion plea for raped 10-year-old

Abortion plea for raped 10-year-old
Our Legal Correspondent

New Delhi, July 22, 2017

A lawyer has petitioned the Supreme Court to allow a 10-year-old "rape survivor" in her 26th week of pregnancy to abort the foetus "in the interest of justice, equity and good conscience".

Indian law bans abortions beyond 20 weeks unless there's an immediate threat to the would-be mother's life.

Alakh Alok Srivastava's petition, which is yet to be listed for hearing, says the girl's uncle had repeatedly raped her and that her pregnancy "has left many medical experts dumbfounded" because of her age. It adds that the girl's doctors have said her pelvic bones are not fully developed because of her age and, therefore, "tolerating a full-term pregnancy at this tender age is very risky".

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