India: Time running out for 14-year-old rape survivor seeking abortion

The teen rape survivor (right) at her house in Bareilly. (Sachin Saini /HT Photo)

Chandan Kumar, Hindustan Times, Bareilly
Updated: Aug 19, 2016 01:50 IST

The father of the girl can’t reconcile with the bitter reality staring him in the face.

“Who will accept a daughter with a child before marriage... and I cannot feed her anymore,” says the father of eight children whose appeal for termination of his minor daughter’s pregnancy has been rejected by a fast-track court here.

The 30-weeks pregnant teen rape survivor, her father claims, is only 14 years old and he has school records to prove it. In the FIR, the police claimed she was 18. And this discrepancy was one of the reasons the family could not appeal in time for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP).

The accused “who repeatedly raped the girl on the pretext of marrying her and left her when she conceived” was arrested and put behind bars.

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Source: Hindustan Times