Ireland: Strong consensus for repeal of the Eighth Amendment banning abortion

But ‘Irish Times’ Ipsos/MRBI poll suggests a legislative line will have to be drawn for any referendum to pass
October 7, 2016, Irish Times

When the new citizens assembly convenes later this month to discuss the Eighth Amendment, today’s Irish Times Ipsos/MRBI poll suggests, a three quarters-strong majority is likely to endorse repeal to allow abortion in cases of rape and of fatal foetal abnormality.

If, that is, the assembly – as billed – is accurately representative of the population as a whole – the poll is remarkably consistent in showing only small variations by gender, region and age in the strong majorities for repeal. Another abortion referendum is surely on the way.

The poll suggests that some fifth of the assembly will even be prepared to go much further and endorse what the poll question characterises (not altogether accurately) as the abortion-on-demand reality of Britain.

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Source: Irish Times