Ireland: #TwoWomenTravel – Live-tweeting an abortion

@twowomentravel Boarding, it's chilly. #endakendyTD

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22 August 2016

The description on their Twitter bio was simple: "Two Women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home." But more than 40,000 tweets about their journey revealed a conversation that was far more complex.

The Twitter account @TwoWomenTravel was set up on Saturday by a pregnant Irish woman and her companion. It documented their journey from Ireland to the UK for an abortion.

Abortion is illegal in Ireland, except if the mother's life is at risk. According to the United Kingdom's Department of Health more than 165,000 women travelled to the UK from Ireland for a termination of pregnancy between 1980 and 2015.

In the case of "Two Women Travel" their journey began in the early hours of this past Saturday morning.
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Source: BBC