Ireland’s abortion wars are set to rage again

A new generation of people, many born since 1983, want to have their say on the issue
Sat, Sep 24, 2016, Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Thousands of people will march through the streets of Dublin today demanding that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which underpins Ireland’s strict anti-abortion laws, be removed.

It is the fifth annual rally, and comes at a time when the abortion issue is moving steadily up the political agenda once more.

The programme for government promised a citizens assembly to discuss the issue before it moves to the Oireachtas, and that assembly will meet in Dublin for the first time next month. It is likely to issue recommendations early next year.

Many of those who remember the bitterly divisive abortion debates of the past may not relish the prospect of their return.

But among a whole generation of people who have grown up since the amendment was passed in 1983, since the X case in 1992 and even since the most recent referendum in 2002, there is a desire to have their say.

The abortion wars are coming again, and they’re coming soon.

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Source: Irish Times