Irish woman live-tweets journey for abortion in England

We stand in solidarity with all women exiled by @EndaKennyTD, his predecessors, his apologists. #twowomentravel

Ireland's abortion ban forces thousands of women to travel to England every year

by Charlotte England
Aug 20, 2016

An Irish women who is live-tweeting her journey to England to have an abortion has attacked premier Enda Kenny for forcing women to go into "exile".

The woman and a friend who is travelling with her said they “stand in solidarity” with other women from Ireland who have had to make the trip.

The women launched the Twitter feed at 5am on Saturday morning, shortly before making a "chilly" dawn journey to board a 6.30am flight across the Irish sea.

They described it as an account of “two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home". [hashtag: #TwoWomenTravel]

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Source: The Independent