Irish women report relief and gratitude after using abortion pills

Women in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, where abortion is illegal, respond favourably to kits sent in the post, study finds

Sarah Boseley Health editor, The Guardian

Monday 17 October 2016 05.01 BST

Women in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland who have obtained abortion pills online in defiance of the law overwhelmingly express gratitude and relief that they were able to end an unwanted pregnancy, a new study shows.

Their only regret, according to a paper published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, is that they are having to do something that is illegal in their country. They express anger and disappointment that they could not access a safe, legal abortion and felt they were treated as second-class citizens.

“Abortion is a huge decision for some women to make. It’s shameful that we are met with brick walls and judgment in our own country,” said one.

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Source: The Guardian