Is Bill C-225 a stepping stone to restrict abortion rights in Canada?

November 24, 2016
November-December 2016 issue, THIS Magazine

Behind the controversial bill that, if passed, could add charges to offences committed against pregnant individuals where the fetus is also harmed

Courtney Dickson @dicksoncourtney

Cassandra Kaake was seven months pregnant when she was murdered in 2014, leaving her family and friends to deal with not one, but two tragic losses.

In the wake of Kaake’s death, Jeff Durham, father of the unborn child, whom the parents planned to name Molly, called for a change to the Criminal Code. He demanded that unborn children of assault victims be recognized as people, making it possible to punish assailants for their crimes not only against the adult, but also the fetus.

[Note: Bill C-225 was defeated in Parliament on Oct 19]
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Source: THIS Magazine