Kenya: This Is How Trump’s Abortion Policy Will Curb Life-Saving Health Care

This Is How Trump's Abortion Policy Will Curb Life-Saving Health Care

"Many are going to die," warned one impoverished 17-year-old Kenyan woman who nearly lost her life to a back-alley abortion.

By Sophia Jones and Video by Neha Wadekar
Feb 1, 2017

Quinter Atieno was 13 years old when she first sought out a back-alley abortion. Her cash-strapped single mother could barely scrape together enough money to keep food on the table for Atieno and her younger siblings. Faced with the fear of going hungry, Atieno made the difficult decision to trade sex for money.

Soon, she was making enough to help feed her family. But she still could not afford birth control, and the teenager quickly became pregnant. The father of her unborn baby refused to support her. "I could not raise the baby, so I decided to abort," recalls soft-spoken Atieno, now 17, wearing a faded sundress.

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