Malawi: Chiefs, MPs and faith leaders tussle over Termination of Pregnancy Bill: Lunguzi ‘clarify’ her stand

December 22, 2016 Alfred Chauwa – Nyasa Times

Traditional authorities, Members of Parliament and leaders of political parties have been meeting in Salima to discuss on the way forward and current status of a bill that would change the law to allow women to terminate a pregnancy known as Termination of Pregnancy or TOP.

The bill is currently generating a lot of debate due to cultural, religious and economic aspect attached to it.

Recently the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) petitioned Parliament where the influential bodies openly told them “don’t discuss the bill”.

But speaking in Salima some traditional leaders expressed surprise that the stand was taken without their consultation.

"We just saw them demonstrating,” Senior chief Kasakula said.

He said the bill is very important because once it is passed into law, it will help to save women as it wwould also allow abortion in cases of incest, rape and foetal impairment .

The chief said women should decide what happens to their bodies because they are the ones who suffer.

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Source: Nyasa Times