Malawi: Let us prevent unsafe abortion

Let us prevent unsafe abortion
Posted By: Francis Tayanjah-Phirion
March 24, 2017

We are for the protection of life, which is the new resolution of the Crew. Actually, this is another ‘Pastoral Letter’ of the year. We, of course, call it “Letter from the Citizens”, patriotic ones for that matter.

Indeed, members of the Crew are a patriotic lot, they don’t get “palm greased” to adopt any stand. They analyse situations and, mostly, take a stand that benefits the voiceless.

Take, for instance, this case. It is a fact that many girls and women find themselves in a situation where they discover that they are pregnant but are not prepared for the said pregnancy. Many hypocrites, especially those that consider themselves holier than others, rush into criticising this line of reasoning.

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