MUVS Photography Competition: Stock Photos on Abortion

rebecca-bauchStock Photos on Abortion

The topic of abortion is still being exploited in public discourse: Polarizing and stigmatising media coverage patronizes and even criminalizes women. The media represents a one-sided visual language that projects a wrong impression of abortion and the circumstances of women affected by unwanted pregnancy.

The initiative „Stock Photos on Abortion“ aims to change this: Starting now, it will begin to provide a free photo collection for media and/or public use. The photos will illustrate the critical situation of a woman (or couple) with an unwanted pregnancy in a realistic way. MUVS wants this initiative to contribute in a useful and important way to the further destigmatisation and decriminalisation of women with unwanted pregnancy and of abortion.

Since little to no useful stock photo material is currently available, the initiative starts with a call for the „MUVS Photography Competition: Stock Photos on Abortion“ – all interested photographers, professionals and amateurs are invited to participate! Entry deadline: March 31st 2017.

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—> Free Stock Photo Material on Abortion


Source: Museum of Contraception and Abortion