Nepal: Back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board
Global Gag Rule can have huge repercussions on reproductive health services in Nepal

the kathmandu post

Feb 17, 2017- The battle to legalise abortion in Nepal was hard won. Hindered by patriarchal notions nullifying the fundamental right of women to health and life, Nepal made huge strides forward in 2002, when a bill permitting abortion under broad grounds was signed into law. Abortion is legal in Nepal under certain conditions regarding time of gestation, and extenuating circumstances such as rape or risk of life.

In 1996, for every 100,000 live births, 539 women died because of unsafe abortion, or little or no access to health care. Owing partly to foreign assistance supporting awareness campaigns, family planning and reproductive health services, this figure fell to almost half (281) in 2006 and further down to 258 in 2015. Nepal’s tumultuous political history has resulted in considerable reliance on outside help—particularly on the United States as the largest donor—for the provision of health care.

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