New Zealand: Abortion law not just archaic but hypocritical

Dave Armstrong: Abortion law not just archaic but hypocritical
March 20, 2017

OPINION: A man, let's call him Bill, had a wife and gorgeous children whom he loved dearly. But he decided he didn't want any more children, and nor did his wife. They discussed various forms of contraception and agreed that the best thing was for Bill to have a vasectomy.

However, when Bill arrived at the clinic there was a line of older people, many wearing head scarves, praying for him. Their banners reminded Bill of all the potential lives he was stopping by having a vasectomy. The protesters didn't say anything, but he resented the passive-aggressive tone of their protest.

"I want to have a vasectomy,'' said Bill to the receptionist, so he was ushered into a room to see a counsellor.

"Under the Crimes Act it's illegal to receive a vasectomy on demand," said the counsellor. ''Have you considered the alternatives?"

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