New Zealand: The time to reform abortion law is now

Alice Snedden: The time to reform abortion law is now

September 10 2017

OPINION: Abortion. Otherwise known as "smushmortion", to fans of Knocked Up. Or as "a sin" to fans of God. It's the kind of thing you don't talk about at dinner parties. Unless it's to do it quietly in the corner, and only if it's just to say, "did you hear…". It's been a taboo topic for a long time, or more accurately for all of time.

It's a topic that quite often divides strangers and families. It's like which rugby team you support, except it matters. Society as a whole has never had one homogenous opinion on it. Although that's true of almost all things in New Zealand, except for the fact that we all agree, Richie McCaw is a national hero and Mike McRoberts is a daddy.

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