Nigeria: Your role in preventing miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and preterm explained (1)

Posted By: Dr Joel Akande on: November 22, 2016

This write-up series on miscarriage and abortion, stillbirth and premature birth, over the next couple of weeks will deal with perhaps the most emotive issue in clinical medicine, medical ethics, and society morals; touching also on religious impact in healthcare. No other issue has been more controversial all over the world than matters relating to the pros and cons of abortion. We will take a look at this too. Yet, there are fundamental questions that do not really have a straight-forward answer. Only the person involved or in case of a minor, a competent guardian can make valid decisions on this matter of life and death. For now, let us deal with the basics and the definitions. Let us clear the table of confusion and make plain what could be called misnomer of terms between miscarriage and abortion.

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Source: The Nation Online Nigeria