Opinion – Abortion on demand in Namibia

Staff Reporter

‘Abortion on demand’ in Namibia has been ignorantly and harmfully connotated as the moral decay of a nation in that individuals who seek this essential health service (on demand), do so because they are irreligious, reckless and uncouth and not because it is a fundamental right and is just another normal reproductive healthcare procedure, which many people overlook with gay abandon. Some have gone as far as calling it premeditated murder, whilst others accuse individuals who seek this health care service of casting a ‘curse’ on the nation (using biblical overtones), as if choosing to terminate a pregnancy at one’s own volition will suddenly compromise the image of Namibia to all the many deities supposedly keeping score on the nation’s puritanical history.

The history of the current ‘Abortion and Sterilization Act No.2 of 1975’ cannot
be understated, as it has already been established that this restrictive law
was inherited 47 years ago from the apartheid administration which had
colonised Namibia.

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