Poland – Abortion Dream Team Activist Faces Charges For Helping In Abortion. In the background, a story of domestic violence unfolds.

March 28, 2022

The hearing will take place at 9.30 AM on April 8 in the Warsaw Praga Południe District Court. This is the first case in Europe of an activist being charged with aiding an abortion by providing pills. Justyna, a 47-year-old from a small town in the central Poland, faces 3 years in prison. The Abortion Dream Team is launching a campaign #IamJustyna (#jakJustyna) and confirms that people in Poland will still receive abortion support.

In 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Justyna gave her own abortion pills to “Anna”(name changed), a woman with an unwanted pregnancy. At the time, Anna was in a relationship with a man who had prevented her from travelling to an abortion clinic abroad, and was abusive and controlling.  When Anna returned home with the pills she was met by the police; her husband had set a trap for her and called them.

Photos and text: https://jakjustyna.aborcyjnydreamteam.pl/press-info/