Reproductive Health in East Africa: Guttmacher Institute Joins Advocates at Annual Regional Convening to Discuss How to Prevent Unsafe Abortion

MAY 11, 2021

Guttmacher Institute

Despite the liberalization of abortion laws in many Sub-Saharan African
countries in recent years and the subsequent expansion of services such as
postabortion care, unsafe abortion is still common in the region and exacts a
heavy toll on individuals, families and health systems. Sub-Saharan Africa has
the highest estimated proportion of abortions that are unsafe in the world (77%
as of 2010–2014, compared with the global average of 44%), as documented in the
2020 report From Unsafe to Safe Abortion in Sub-Saharan Africa: Slow but Steady

In line with one of its objectives to develop
the capacity of advocates and policymakers to access and utilize evidence to
ensure that family planning and reproductive health are prioritized in national
policies and budgeting processes, the Guttmacher Institute accepted an
invitation from the East African Reproductive Health Network (EARHN) to lead a
session at its 11th annual coordination meeting.