Serbia Activists Suspect Plan to Curb Abortion

23 Dec 16, Balkan Insight
by Milivoje Pantovic

Serbia’s Demography Minister has denied plans to set up a special body advising women against abortion, but rights activists still suspect a hidden agenda to curb women’s rights.

Serbian civil rights activists have raised their voices against the possible formation of a special body, that could include priests, that would advise women on abortions, after Serbia's Demography Minister, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, hinted at such a plan in an interview. Later she said she had been misunderstood.

“Activities by which women would be forced to go to consultation, in which even a priests were included, are surely not undertaken for the benefit of the women,” the project coordinator of the Belgrade-based NGO, Women's Autonomous Center, Tanja Ignjatovic, said.

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Source: Balkan Insight