South Africa: Abortion – the legal service performed mostly illegally

Abortion – the legal service performed mostly illegally

HEALTH-E NEWS South Africa
29 Jan 2018

Healthworkers who refuse to help women who want abortions are driving them into the arms of illegal abortionists who perform more than half of the country’s procedures. But activists believe it is time to stop stigmatising this service. GILL GIFFORD reports for HEALTH-E NEWS.

“I did not used to agree with abortion, but I changed my view. It took the death of a close friend and colleague who had procured an abortion. I promised I would meet her in theatre. She collapsed 30 minutes before. Her womb was rotten. I operated on her and found massive infection. Her insides were full of pus. She was in ICU, and I prayed for her. She died after 10 days and her mother had to take in her four-year old son.”