South Africa: #SizaMap: Where to get a safe, legal abortion in SA

#SizaMap: Where to get a safe, legal abortion in SA
15 Mar 2017
Ina Skosana, Joan van Dyk

No national database of legal abortion providers in South Africa existed – so Bhekisisa made one.

Abortion has been legal in South Africa for more than 20 years, yet the black market for backstreet abortions still flourishes.

A recent briefing report by human rights organisation Amnesty International found that less than 7% of the country’s 3 880 health facilities offered termination of pregnancy services.

As part of a February story on abortion, Bhekisisa asked the national health department for a database of public health facilities that offered these services and was told that no such list existed. Instead, it was told that databases of abortion providers were kept at district health offices.

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