Sri Lanka: Abortion in hot seat, again

August 25, 2016, 9:54 pm
The Island

The fact that abortion, or properly speaking "induced abortion" according to medical parlance, is always a contentious issue across the world goes without saying. That is what to be expected in a multiethnic, multi-religious, multicultural society like ours’, where the views and opinions on matters such as these could be diverse as chalk and cheese. Further, an assortment of concerns ranging from moral, medical, religious and legal to fetal and women’s rights and state’s authority impinge on the matter, thus making abortion one of the most intricate issues of our time. Needless to say, thus arriving at an all embracing consensus on the issue is a near impossibility, if not unrealistic. Naturally, there will be parties on either side of the divide, well armed with sound theoretical and philosophical ordnances, ready to fight tooth and nail to see that their viewpoint prevails at the end of the day. That could be what we are heading toward in the near future with regard to "abortion", which is on the verge of reemergence (after a lapse of two decades).

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Source: The Island