Stigma and Silence: Welcome to Abortion in Rural Australia

by Katherine Gillespie
Sep 12 2016, Broadly

Women in far-flung Australian towns bear the brunt of outdated abortion laws, often traveling overnight to escape local conservatism and reach abortion clinics. Could telemedicine be the answer?

With a total of 3,062 residents, Tennant Creek is the fifth largest town in Australia's Northern Territory. The closest urban center is Alice Springs, which is six hours away. For a Tennant Creek resident in need of an abortion clinic, that's a long and lonely drive.

Rural Australians make up a third of this country's population, and many have difficulty accessing the services city-dwellers take for granted. That includes abortions, which one in three Australian women will seek in their lifetime. All of which means a huge number of rural Australian women must travel vast distances to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

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Source: Broadly