Supreme Court Conservatives Plot A Liberal Apocalypse In 2022

A grim year of judicial rulings awaits liberals on abortion, affirmative action, guns, the administrative state and more.

By Paul Blumenthal

The Supreme Court’s six-member conservative supermajority will flex its muscle in a series of high-profile cases in 2022 that will agonize liberals while fulfilling some of the wildest dreams that have eluded the conservative movement since it came to power with Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential election.

The changes anticipated to abortion, affirmative action, gun rights, school prayer, rights of criminal suspects and the federal administrative state could transform U.S. law and upend American politics. This moment is the fruition of a decadeslong strategy by conservatives to seat justices willing to overturn elements of the New Deal order and rights revolution of the 1960s and ’70s that presidents and Congresses could not through executive action and legislation.