USA – Women Denied Abortion See Significant Financial Distress, Study Says

Women turned away from clinics due to gestational limits had increased financial problems compared with women who received an abortion, an analysis shows.

By Sarah True
Dec. 15, 2021

A peer-reviewed study recently accepted for publication offers what its authors say is the “first causal evidence” indicating that abortion denials due to gestational limits – such as the 15-week limit approved in Mississippi and recently debated before the Supreme Court – often lead to significant financial distress for women who are unable to obtain an abortion because of such restrictions.

The study, slated to be published in the American Economic Journal,
examines two groups of women: Those in a “Near Limit” group sought an abortion
just prior to a gestational limit – whether aligned with state law or an
earlier cutoff imposed by an individual clinic – and were able to terminate
their pregnancy. Those in a second “Turnaway” group were denied an abortion for
exceeding the limit by up to three weeks. Among the 217 of 292 women in the
Turnaway group for whom a birth outcome was known, the majority went on to give
birth after the abortion denial, while others either obtained an abortion
elsewhere or suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth.