Women who underwent abortions face “trauma” as protests continue in Scotland

Women who went through abortions have told how "inescapable" and "damaging" anti-abortion protests are as Scotland sees an increase in protests outside clinics and hospitals.

By Hannah Brown
Sunday, 1st May 2022

Megan Braithwaite, 39, had an abortion for medical reasons in Edinburgh eight years ago. It was her first pregnancy and both her and her husband were trying for a baby.

"It was at the 20-week screening when we found out that the baby had a fetal anomaly and it was truly awful”, she said.

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Scotland – Doctors call for action over abortion protests as patients face ‘deplorable intimidation and harassment’

Group of 76 clinicians urge government to introduce buffer zones following large demonstration outside Glasgow hospital

Chiara Giordano
Apr 15, 2022

Scores of doctors have called for action after a large anti-abortion protest was held near a hospital in Glasgow.

More than 100 anti-abortion activists from the 40 Days for Life campaign group gathered outside the city’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on Sunday.

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Scotland – Abortion protest is a sick act of blackmail

Melanie Reid
Monday March 21 2022

Three days a week, as I drive away from a medical research trial at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, I face a protest designed to distress and intimidate women. As a woman, it sickens me.

The gaggle of anti-abortionists, from the US-funded organisation 40 Days of Life, stand at the T-junction near the hospital’s maternity and gynaecology unit. They are usually men or older women and they carry passive-aggressive placards proclaiming “Women do regret abortion”, and “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”.

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Canada – Annual “Pro-Choice Chain” coming up as federal leaders promise improved abortion access

September 10, 2021
Meg Cunningham

Every year for the past ten years, Pro-Choice Moncton has peacefully assembled in Dieppe to counter-protest the annual Life Chain demonstrations that occur across the country. The “40 Days of Life” campaign runs from September 22nd to October 31st, which culminates in a mass public demonstration where anti-abortion protestors gather in public displaying signage or silently praying for the sake of their cause.

While the word “protest” may conjure images of people shouting in megaphones or in each other’s faces, Tasia Alexopolous from Pro-Choice Moncton and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada assures that the demonstrations are generally peaceful on both sides, save for a few graphic images sometimes displayed by those attending the Life Chain.

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Argentina: Can one country’s change of abortion law alter a continent?

By Katy Watson, BBC South America correspondent
March 4, 2021

When Argentina's Congress voted to legalise abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy, Renata (not her real name) felt excited.

"How cool," the 20-year-old from
northern Brazil remembers thinking in late December. A student and supermarket
worker, Renata saw it as the start of something new in a region where abortion
is mostly illegal.

But she thought little more of it until a
week later, when she found out she was pregnant herself. Then, she says, her
world collapsed.

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‘Brave Sisters’ Tackle Croatia’s Growing Stigma Over Abortion

As women in Croatia encounter even greater difficulties in obtaining access to terminations of pregnancy, feminists are launching a new project to help them exercise what often seems a disappearing right.

Anja Vladisavljevic, Zagreb
December 1, 2020

Women’s rights activists in Croatia have been warning for years that, while legal, abortion is becoming less and less available in the mainly Catholic country.

“The opponents of abortion will stop at nothing,” Nada Peratovic, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, told BIRN.

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Edinburgh students launch campaign to ban protesters outside abortion clinics

Edinburgh University students have launched a new campaign to ban protesters gathering outside city abortion clinics.

By Jolene Campbell
Monday, 16th November 2020

The campaign ‘Back Off Chalmers’ is calling for buffer zones to be set up to stop pro-life groups targeting women who going for treatment at the Chalmers Sexual Health Centre.

After services start up again after lockdown, campaigners say visitors to the Centre have been targeted by groups who pray outside the clinics, give out leaflets and approach women entering the clinic. Students who have set up the new anti-harassment campaign say the protests intimidates women.

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Anti-abortion activists begin 40-day protest outside clinics across England

'She told me I was a murderer and killing my baby. She then showed me pictures of what it'll look like in a leaflet then said the drugs weren't safe and brought religion into it,' says teenager

Maya Oppenheim, Women’s Correspondent
Sep 23, 2020

Anti-abortion protesters have begun demonstrations outside a dozen abortion clinics across England which will continue for 40 days – risking the health of thousands of women.

40 Days for Life, an American-based anti-abortion group which have stepped up their tactics in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, are known for harassing women who want to have a pregnancy terminated.

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The Inside Story Of How Arkansas Exploited COVID To Stop Abortions

The Inside Story Of How Arkansas Exploited COVID To Stop Abortions
Under pressure by anti-abortion activists ― including a board of health member ― the state health department became a weapon in the war against abortion.

By Melissa Jeltsen, HuffPost US
June 22, 2020

On the first day of April, Marsha Boss, a 68-year-old Catholic pharmacist, uploaded a photo to Facebook. Snapped on a sunny day, it showed the parking lot outside Little Rock Family Planning Services, one of two abortion clinics left in Arkansas. “We watched three cars from Texas come in, three from Tennessee and one from Alabama all coming to our great state to get an abortion,” she wrote in her post. “How sad is that?”

In private, around the same time, Boss was extending her disapproval to state health officials. Over text messages and in phone calls, she complained that the clinic was violating social distancing guidelines, performing “25 to 30” abortions a day, and warned that out-of-town patients ― many of whom were fleeing abortion bans their states put in place after coronavirus hit ― might spread the infectious disease in Arkansas. She also said she saw someone carrying coveted surgical masks into the clinic, as well as beer.

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USA – Abortion rights opponents in several cities have been cited for violating stay-at-home orders

Abortion rights opponents in several cities have been cited for violating stay-at-home orders

By Harmeet Kaur, CNN
Tue April 7, 2020

(CNN)For some abortion rights opponents around the country, orders by cities and counties to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic have become a point of contention.

In recent weeks, police in several cities have arrested people who continued to engage in anti-abortion rights demonstrations or other advocacy efforts outside reproductive health clinics, despite stay-at-home orders and similar restrictions.

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