Japan – Mom abandons newborn after being wrongly denied abortion

July 18, 2021

NISHIO, Aichi Prefecture--A city government employee made a grisly discovery in shrubbery in a park here on June 2 last year.

Inside a plastic bag was the body of a baby boy with an umbilical cord still attached. The mother, 21, was arrested four days later.

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Halting Spate of Abandoned Babies In Nigeria

Nov 15, 2020

Stories about babies abandoned by their mothers across many Nigerian states have been rocking the media in recent times, unlike two decades ago. For instance, reports have it that over 237 abandoned babies were rescued across Lagos State in the past six years. One of the babies was a three-months-old, found inside a plastic bag in the Abule Egba a suburb of the state. What about the pathetic mother who gave birth in a toilet and then tried to flush her baby in the state, just recently.

In Abia state, a one month old baby was recently found in a pit latrine and was later rescued by the police. Also, in Jigawa State, the story of a 23-year-old woman who dumped her newborn baby in Dutse local government area trended while in Ogun State, a baby who still had his placenta uncut was abandoned by his mother.

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Desperate Measures: Why do moms abandon babies?

Desperate Measures: Why do moms abandon babies?

Nokuthula Khanyile

Poverty, rape, abuse and lack of documentation.

These are some of the many reasons some mothers choose to abandon their babies.

Experts say the shocking discovery of a newborn who was rescued alive from inside a stormwater drain in Durban this week, highlights an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed urgently.

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