Explained: What are the amendments in Thailand’s abortion law

The opposition to abortion comes mainly from Thailand’s majority of conservative Theravada Buddhists who believe that abortion goes against the teachings of Buddhism.

Written by Mehr Gill
January 29, 2021

On Monday, Thailand’s Parliament voted to make abortion during the first 12
weeks of pregnancy legal. Before this, abortion was illegal in the country,
regardless of the duration of the pregnancy and was allowed only in limited
circumstances governed by the country’s medical council.

This week, another country made an announcement dealing with abortion laws. On
Wednesday, the right-wing Polish government said it will publish a court ruling
that proposed a near-total ban on abortion in its journal. This ruling banned
termination of pregnancies including of foetuses with defects. The government’s
sudden announcement has sparked countrywide protests in the country, where
abortion laws were already very strict.

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