Muslim view: Repeal Eighth Amendment to relieve burden on women

Muslim view: Repeal Eighth Amendment to relieve burden on women
Rite&Reason: Islam does not recognise foetus as unborn child until ensoulment at 120 days

May 15, 2018
Shayk Dr Umar Al-Qadri

Ireland today is a place we can all be rightfully proud of. Around the world and at home, the Irish people and nation are known for being open and accepting, for promoting equality and opportunity.

Yet, as we have been reminded several times over the past years and decades, sometimes it takes a tragedy to gather our collective focus in a manner that enables us to take the next necessary step as a nation.


Morocco: Abortion: Why I’m Pro-Choice

By Ghita Benslimane-
November 6, 2016, Morocco World News

Casablanca — When the issue of abortion was brought up in the third and final U.S. presidential debate, I sighed. “Here we go again,” I said to myself, because it was 2 A.M. in Morocco and I was adamant about having to live stream the debate. I knew what Donald Trump had to say was going to disappoint me. And it did. Trump again reiterated his pro-life stance, calling abortion “[ripping] the baby out of the womb” and Hillary again had to condemn his scare rhetoric and defend women’s rights to choose.

Watching that debate unfold made me think of the status of abortion rights in my own country. I am proud of Morocco for amending the penal code in June; it finally made abortions legal in cases of incest, rape and birth defects. That said, nowhere in Morocco can you get a legal abortion if you don’t fall in one of the exempted categories detailed in the law’s latest amendment.

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Source: Morocco World News